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  • Charvel acoustic electric

    Just saw a couple on ebay. The prices seem pretty low so if the quality, sound and playability is good might grab one for the hell of it. Anyone have any experience with them?
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    They were good lookers with shitty electronics.

    625C was there premium model.
    They had a 25.6 inch scale in all the specs. Why not just a 25.5? I don't know.

    Fun to have for a stage axe. Nothing worth recording and getting proud of. They should have developed the bracing and a shorter scale.

    I believe they were for the AKAI bean counters thats wanted a peice of the "acoustic" pie.
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      Thanks for the reply Holy. Never touched one but for a couple hundred I would be a player. Pardon the pun


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        I've got one (525D) they're not bad, not brilliant but not bad. I rarely plug it in, just a nice acoustic to have on the stand in the house and pick up occasionally.

        My mates Martin wipes the floor with it in terms of sound, but you'd expect that, and it's a lot harder to play -the Charvel is an electric player's acoustic, if you know what I mean. I'd recommend one if you can get it for the right price and just want it for messing around.


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          I have a 625c I bought at a steal a couple of years ago. I'm very happy with it. I always wanted one and finally had the opportunity to buy it. Looks great, plays great, has a bit to be desired in the sound department, acoustically and electronically. I plan in swapping out the electronics in it eventually with a fishman or something, but I'm glad I bought it. They did a beautiful job in the looks department. I'd definitely recommend it if you're a J/C fan. Mine plays better than just about any other acoustic I've put my hands on.