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2010 charvel san dimas hss guitar usa made rare trans kandy gold finish

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    Originally posted by Number Of The Priest View Post
    So, DDNGUY, did you end up buying/keeping the guitar? Curious to hear a follow-up story.
    Sorry for the late response - No, I ended up calling the next day and cancelling the purchase.

    No issues with the guitar at all - I guess I just felt like $1200 was to much.


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      Over the summer I used the BIN on Ebay on a trans kandy gold Charvel for the same price by the same seller as listed above. So I can only imagine it's the same guitar. It came with the Charvel gigbag the USA promods came out then. The guitar could nearly pass as NOS condition. I have 2 whole Charvels from the promod days, a USA tele and a Socal (pickguard H-H) mutt w a Japan neck and a USA body (got it this way) both in Pagan Gold (sucker for that color!). Both those necks play nice (Japan one could be a hair better but not confirmed) and are similar looking, kinda plain looking, not a knock but what you expected at the time for a production quarter sawn neck. The neck on this one though is kinda a stunner with some really nice figuring and plays fantastic. Maybe they went with more figuring because it was paired w trans body or maybe just the luck of the draw. Anyway, very happy w the purchase.
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