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2022 - will Charvel release any new USA Select models?

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  • 2022 - will Charvel release any new USA Select models?

    In 2019 Charvel released the USA Select DK24 HH.

    In 2020 they released the USA Select DK24 HSS.

    2021 no new USA Select releases.

    Any rumors on whether 2022 will see any more new USA Select models? I am considering adding a new DK24 to my arsenal and trying to decide whether to buy one of the models already on the market, or whether to hold out until 2022 to see what tweaks Charvel might potentially put on these USA Select DK24 models...
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    Hard to predict what will happen to the 2022 USA Charvel product lineup. As a slight tangent, the Jackson USA Select Series product lineup has remained largely static since its inception in 1996, with the core products (such as the SL1, RR1, etc.) remaining virtually unchanged since their 1996 introduction (25 years!!!), and Fender (who acquired Jackson/Charvel in 2002) have had plenty of time (19 years!!!) to completely alter the Jackson USA offerings but still have not introduced new core models. This to me is a strong indication that Jackson perfected those core models from the beginning. So if Charvel has already nailed their models and can't think of any new variations to introduce, I would not be surprised.

    Another tangent: The advantage of waiting until 2022, even if no new models are released, is that there is the potential for more used 2019/2020 guitars to appear on the used market for your perusal.

    Yet another tangent: I remember when I was cheap and wouldn't see new movies in the theater, but would save money by waiting for the movie to be released on VHS/DVD at Blockbuster Video or shown on television. Old habits persist and I apply that same strategy towards guitars, where I prefer to wait for new guitars to lose value when owned by the first owner and subsequently appear on the used market before I consider buying them. I'm almost certain all my guitars are secondhand, and some of them are excellent-to-mint condition at a fraction of the original retail price. Jesus Lord I love me some used guitars.

    If I were you, I would try to find a used USA Charvel at a great price, enjoy it, see what 2022 brings, and easily resell your used USA Charvel for the same price (or for a profit) if you see something in the 2022 offerings that you like more.
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      Anyone here play or own the Custom Select Dinky DK24 2PT HSS? Worth the price tag?
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        I've owned 2 of em.Theyre awesome.Currently gigging an autumn burst
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