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My Charvel Model 3!!!

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  • My Charvel Model 3!!!

    Check out my Charvel Model 2! In good condition. I love it!

    It has Super Distortion in the Bridge

    It can do all sorts of music but I mostly play metal and hard rock. But I can also play blues on it. The tonewood makes it adjustable for all sorts of music.
    The Floyd Rose is great for cool divebombs and I even flutter with it sometimes, when I'm in a Steve Vai mood
    Otherwise I like guitarists like Gary Moore and Brian Tatler (Diamond Head)

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    I edited post, I wrote "Charvel Model 3" but it is just a mistake


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      Originally posted by SeriousRisk View Post
      I edited post, I wrote "Charvel Model 3" but it is just a mistake
      What year is that? And welcome
      I know the old saying that the value of an opinion is generally inversely proportional to the strength with which it is held.


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        I bought it used 20 years ago, I dont remember exactly original year!


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          Wouldn't that have to be a pre-Model Series?


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            that's not a model 2. nothing about it is.


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              I have no clue actually its my only Jackson !!! I am more into Ibanezes but this guitar is great I love it

              I am playing through one of my Marschall JCM800 with Tubecreamer in the Video!!
              SM57 picked up the Marschall cab .
              Reverb was added in my Reaper program

              Metal shred solo

              Blues solo


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                Nice. I like the rosewood idea what it is but if it plays great and sounds great then fuck it.....I have a wildcard with one pickup and a floyd but it has a maple fretboard....


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                  MAple fretboards sounds super bad I hate tehm
                  Its like, ice-picks in your ear.

                  Thats hwy I sold my RG550 because eveyrtime I played it the tonewood just fucking shattered my eardrums


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                    what does the back of the guitar look like?