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1995 Charvel Model I Koa USA Restored!

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    i've had the reissue SD usa. Necks were a bit thick for me, but were not talking the same guitars. i never saw the one's that were SD1, 2 and three's from the nineties, which is weird because ive seen alot of guitars.

    USA RE Issue San Dimas.jpg
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      The '95 revival series must be some of the rarest production USA Charvels of all time. I know the next one I want, which is the San Dimas Model III with green quilt top (natural back), two rails + HB and Floyd. Not easy even finding good pics of that one! Must be rarer than my Koa Model I.

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        Happy thread resurrection day!!! I’ve been tracking my brains wondering why I can’t find a picture of the oil rubbed natural finish of a San Dimas III or IV online. I’m only seeing translucent color versions. Can someone save my sanity? I know i played one at Sam Ash back in the day. That was what prompted me to buy the oil finished Ibanez SR585 bass in mahogany. Similar type finish.


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          Really stunning piece! Great job . I've had my eye on a USA on my local CL for a few months . He started at $1100 for months ,then just recently dropped it to $900 .Seems like it might be worth it .