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1995 Charvel Model I Koa USA Restored!

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  • 1995 Charvel Model I Koa USA Restored!

    Whoever had this before me must have lived in a saltwater cave and had a vendetta against guitars, because the original Jackson Schaller Floyd bar, saddles, and locking R2 nut were heavily corroded, as well as mounting screws for the pickups. The hardware was in awful shape up close (the low quality ebay pics didn't really show the condition of the hardware) , and the setup was wretched, although these are so rare, I had to pounce since the price was reasonable considering the typical market for these.

    No matter, I restored it will new Schaller parts as needed, and installed Bareknuckle Nailbomb (b) and Cold Sweat (n) with push-pull pot for coil tapping, a 42mm fat brass block, and Raw Vintage springs and some minor fret dressing by my local luthier while I was at it. Body is solid koa, birdseye maple neck, and a beautiful pau ferro fretboard. I've read that the Jackson neckplate shows mine is probably 1 of the first 50 of these made. Definitely has a very special and different feel than the multiple standard mass production models I have, with a very slim/flat neck profile and slightly narrow nut. My goal was to have an elite steed for '80s inspired metal/prog metal/thrash that would have supreme definition with high gain, and it delivers. A bigger surprise was how good the cleans are when tapped. The middle position tapped (bother inner coils) gives me the Petrucci style ultra clean sound that I love. Future improvements will include Dunlop 6100 stainless streel frets, although there is no hurry for that since there is still plenty of life left, but I've been getting dangerously addicted to SS fret jobs as of late!

    '95 Charvel San Dimas USA Model I Koa - BKP
    '91 Charvel 650 Custom - EMG 85/SLV/SLV+SPC
    '92 Jackson Soloist Pro MIJ
    '91 Charvel 475 Exotic Cherry Sunburst - Duncan PATB set
    '90 Charvel 475 XL
    '10 Charvel San Dimas MIJ Style 1 2H - JB/'59
    Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp/Stereo Simul-Class 2:90
    Mesa Boogie MkIII+ Simul-Class & MkIVb with Mark Series stack
    Marshall JVM410H

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    Went to Italy once, now I am always flexing at the Olive Garden.


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      Nice job! Those are always wonderful to look at.
      I feel my soul go cold... only the dead are smiling.


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        Great job restoring that beuty. The early Jackson plated ones do have a few differences to the Charvel plated ones, with a bit of interchanging middle ground with things like the 3-way toggle Vs the 5-way switch. I do love the features of mine save the 5-way, I do prefer a toggle, but it's cool.


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          Very nice save!!!