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What is this Charvel?

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  • What is this Charvel?

    I am Interested in this guitar but the neck play tells me it is not made in America but the headstock says it is I believe it is from the 80s made with high-quality materials. I am unable to upload due to size Any ideas

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    Choose a free image host (, upload your photos there, copy the generated image links, and paste those links back here on the forum in your next reply.


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          could be a japanese body with a usa pro mod neck (a mutt)...could have been re-decaled but it looks about pics of the whole guitar so we can see the dot spacing on the 12th fret etc?...d.m.


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            Parts mutt where likely nothing other than the neckplate is authentic Charvel.

            1) It's not a USA Production Model neck because it has a rounded fretboard flange at the heel. USA Production Models had a squared-off fretboard flange at the heel. No Production Model neck and fretboard ever came with that outrageously beautiful figured maple. They were all plain quartersawn maple.

            2) The headstock logo is fake. There should be periods in between the letters U.S.A. The "Made in" part should not be all capital letters. The logo placement is also too close to the "left". See example of my 2009 So-Cal below.

            3) No Production Model body ever came with that outrageously beautiful quilt finish. Also, the volume knob is in the wrong place for any of the Production Model Charvels. I'm not saying at this point that it's not a Charvel body though. Would like to see photos of the back of the body. I'm mostly curious to see the shape of the electronics cavity route.

            4) The neckplate is from a Charvel Model Series guitar, which were made in Japan.

            All that being said, damn it's a gorgeous guitar. Maybe also disassemble the neck from the body and document the stamps you might find on the neck heel and in the neck pocket. Maybe also look for stamps or markings inside of the trem cavity and document those too.
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              It is a guitar a fellow want to trade for my JEM 777. I am interested in it but want to make sure an equal value trade. I will ask for more pictures and post them when I get them.

              thanks so far


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                a japanese jem 777?...yeah i dont think a parts mutt would equal that value-wise...sorry (i own a usa dinky, charvel spectrum and a jem 77vwh)...d.m.