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Charvel Ch88 Limited Edition Jackson Floyd Rose Licensed Trem

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  • Charvel Ch88 Limited Edition Jackson Floyd Rose Licensed Trem

    Hi everyone,

    New to the forum. I'm from the UK and am looking for some help. Not sure if this is the right section of the forum to post in.

    I was recommended to join as I'm trying to source replacement allen key fittings for my 1988 Charvel and I'm having serious trouble. You see, the low E has rounded out to such an extent that I can no longer change strings because I can't tighten it enough to make the saddle grip anything.

    No reply from Charvel themselves and Floyd Rose couldn't help.

    If anyone's got an idea I'd be glad to hear it.

    Not sure if the image URL's are working. These are the direct links to some pics of the guitar:

    Thanks for reading,


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    Sounds like you need a new saddle lock screw. Well, your first photo shows the Low E screw "washed out" by the sunlight so it's hard to see if it's rounded out, but I'll assume that's the case.

    JCFer budman owns a website that specializes in replacement parts. The second item listed on that webpage is likely what you need for your JT6 tremolo (correct me if I identified the wrong part that is giving you problems):

    Jackson JT6 Bridge String Lock Screws! Available now are these Replacement String Lock Screws for the Jackson JT6 Tremolos. Remember, the whole reason these have to be replaced is because everyone seems to want to over tighten this screw. There is no need for that ;o)

    These are $4 each or a set of 6 for $17.00 or: The set of 6 with Allen Wrench is $18.00

    As you can see in the pic (above right), while they do look different, they're not bad at all and have a nice black finish to match. I was going to start "kinking" the last thread near the wrench opening but thought some of you might actually like the fact that the fine tuner can turn right off. If you'd like this little feature, just give me a shout and let me know and I can do that for you so you don't lose your fine tuner on stage ;o)