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Custom Flames, year? Legit?

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  • Custom Flames, year? Legit?

    First post. Salutations from Spain!!ArwkZEuCFAeV4jcMvZq1PNHlhLeG!ArwkZEuCFAeV4jpWvSGFkf8UMbgg!ArwkZEuCFAeV4i-pI1Npe0b1hcBd!ArwkZEuCFAeV4jNUZrIwmT1UeLhF

    Serial on the back plate: 232872

    Year of construction? Is it legit in yr opinion?

    Pickups I have changed to Bill Lawrence (it had Dimarzio's)

    Thx in advance!
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    No, that's a model series neck plate (pointy headstock, not 3+3)
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      I'm scratching my head about a few things with this guitar. Neilli pointed out the obvious one that it has a model series neck plate. If it were a USA custom, I would expect to see a USA neck plate, "custom shop" logo on the headstock, or both. The sticker in the trem cavity makes me think it is a newer body. At first I was wondering if it is a pro mod with a refin but I see there is no recess for a trem cavity cover, it has a non-recessed bridge, direct mount pickups and a hs configuration. I don't remember any pro mod having those types of specs? Maybe someone else here sees something I don't or remembers another recent Charvel mod with these specs.


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        Is it just me, or is the trem cavity very rough-looking? Notice the upper left corner and upper left edge don't look very clean. Also, the bottom left isn't straight vertically, it's slightly diagonal and not parallel with the electronics plate.


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          IMO the holes of the plate for the electronics compartment are too far from the edge and the shape of the neck heel looks wrong (could be the perspective of the photographer). And I have never seen a "Vintage Eldred Flames" paintjob with no tongues of fire behind the bridge. The last point didn't mean anything, but it's something I noticed...

          I'll post pictures later


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            Heel picture: Left side is the guitar in question, on the right side are the heels of three other Charvels. The left side looks too short:

            Usually the screw holes are pretty close the edge of the plate. Upper picture is the guitar in question, lower picture is one of many examples from other Charvels:

            The I've seen many "Vintage Eldred Flames" paintjobs and they all have tongs of flames behind the bridge, like here:

            You can find many other examples here:

            Of course these things doesn't mean anything, but if too many of these details appear...
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              Looks musicraft. Nothing vintage, a cool reproduction
              It's not a competition, it's a community


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                So awesome, happy for you