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The "80's Glam Metal Listening Pussified Ass" Thread

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  • You know, when this thread first started back in 2008, I would avoid stuff like this. Typical angst-ridden twenty-something-year-old behavior.

    My tastes have expanded in the 2010s and now I'm finding myself listening to wussy stuff with keyboards, vocal harmonies, gated snare drums, and enormous hair.

    It started with Iron Maiden's synth albums Somewhere in Time and Seventh Son. Keep in mind, at that time I would turn up my nose at anything that was non-guitar-focused, so it took a while for me to get into anything that sounded like keyboards.

    That opened the floodgates for my undying love for Def Leppard. Then came ASAP (Adrian Smith's solo band). Then came Bon Jovi. Then the other big 80s bands that broadly get lumped into the LA/hair farmer scene, whether or not they had keyboards.

    Continuing down the Def Leppard and Bon Jovi road, I discovered a subgenre called AOR which has fascinated me as I'm really into bands like FM (distantly related to Iron Maiden through Adrian Smith's ASAP), Drive She Said, and Steelhouse Lane.

    Currently taking more obscure AOR suggestions, if anyone here is as huge a wuss as me to enjoy listening to that sort of melodic light rock. Whitesnake seems to have an AOR flavor to them on some of the stuff I've explored so far, so I'll continue going down that path too.

    Been going to 80s metal themed live shows lately and it's bizarre to find myself headbanging harder at hair metal than with my old flame Iron Maiden, and have now concluded that the "headbangability" of certain light metal is actually higher than the Maiden favorites. Example: You can headbang easier and more vigorously to something like Skid Row's Youth Gone Wild or Def Leppard's Rock of Ages which have a more suitable tempo and steady hard-hitting beat than to Maiden's quick-tempoed classics like The Number of the Beast or The Trooper.


    • Hey, Alex! Welcome back. Now, stop being a wuss!
      I feel my soul go cold... only the dead are smiling.


      • Originally posted by horns666 View Post
        OK..some more.

        Stone Fury w/ Lenny Wolfe of Kingdom Come..
        This album is one of my favorites, and was finally made available on iTunes.


        • Originally posted by chrisolson View Post
          Heh... I'm good friends with Brass Kitten's singer, Steve. If you like them, then you HAVE to like Wildside.

          Ralph hooked me up witha copy of Beau Nasty's cd - thanks again. If you like Bonfire, you gotta get Cacumen, which was Bonfire before the name change.

          Here's a couple others:

          Hericane Alice
          Pretty Maids
          Rough Cutt
          Aldo Nova
          King Kobra
          Kingdom Come
          Lillian Axe
          Danger Danger

          Man, so many bands...
          Keel got scared into puss Glam Metal from his Yngwie Dark Magic Steeler encounter...LOL.....


          • this?


            • Originally posted by ilbianconero View Post
              Woah!!! Back to my late teens! Shotgun Messiah! I had not listened to this in years. I feel old today
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              • Originally posted by ilbianconero View Post
                Damn great tune!!!


                • I remember seeing them in a small bar in Detroit in the early 90's I listened to them a lot back then.