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    Originally posted by catzodellamarina View Post
    I cannot remember the last time I saw a band wearing leather jackets during a live show. I think my drummer has leather pants he wears from time to time. I have never been comfortable wearing any kind of jacket while playing.
    Saw Priest about a month or two ago, all came out in leather. Rob's stayed on the longest.

    Do the guys directing these videos even see how cheesy these vids are. Watching some of those old vids make me cringe, and here we have them making something right out of the '80's video cliche, cringe bin.

    Glad I have "The Sentinel" (Priest) running on the stereo right now to remove the weakness that that was outta my ears!
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      Haha sick!
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          What the fuck did I just watch?........S.M.D.H....

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            Originally posted by BayRocker View Post
            Saw Priest about a month or two ago, all came out in leather. Rob's stayed on the longest.
            Watching him hobble round with a big overcoat on is bad enough, but when he wears those big thick black gloves...
            So I woke up,rolled over and who was lying next to me? Only Bonnie Langford!

            I nearly broke her back


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              Originally posted by toejam View Post
              Even Rob Halford is not as gay as this is.
              Even Benny and Bjorn were more masculine.
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                Say what you want but they had 1.4 million views Since November