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Who are your DYNAMIC DUOS??????????

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  • Who are your DYNAMIC DUOS??????????

    Ok Guys...........I am up for some more action.......... Metal duo wise and let's break it into Late 70's to early 80's, mid 80's-early 90's, mid 90's to present..........who do you like...................................

    For me it is Murray and Smith from Maiden, Hetfield and Hammett from Metallica and Li and Totman from Dragon Force and an honerable mention to Sandoval and Duncan from the Symbol of Salvation and beyond era of Armored Saint..........What duo makes your list???????????

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    Oliva and Oliva - Savatage


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      Michael Wilton and Chris DeGarmo!


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        King and Hanneman.
        It's all about the blues-rock chatter.

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            Randy Cooper and Wes Wallace of Texas Hippie Coalition.
            In memory of Gary Wright 9/13/2012


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              Besides the obvious Tipton/Downing, Murray/Smith, Hanneman/King, Gillis/Watson, Crosby/DiMartini....

              Phil Demmel and Rob Flynn of Vio-lence (fuck machine head)
              Guy Marchais and Todd German of Suffocation
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                I'll try not to re-mention anyone already posted. Suprisingly my library contains primarily single guitar bands, which is something I never noticed before...

                Mustaine/Friedman - Megadeth
                Spitz/Ian - Anthrax
                Matt & Ol - Evile
                Becker/Friedman - Cacophony
                Shiflet/Cape - Me First & the Gimme Gimmes
                GTWGITS! - RacerX


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                  MM...Your questions deems a vastness of answers ..I'm in a tizzy!!
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                    Michael Denner/Hank Shermann - Mercyful Fate
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                      Apart from the most obvious, I'd say Thin lizzy produced quite a few dynamic duos
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                        Originally posted by toejam View Post
                        Michael Denner/Hank Shermann - Mercyful Fate
                        I'll add Andy LaRocque and Michael Denner to that, as well as Andy LaRocque and Pete Blakk of King Diamond.

                        Becker and Friedman are kind of like my ultimate though.


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                          Michael Wilton and Chris DeGarmo
                          They were the deluxe version of Murray and Smith and the super deluxe version of Tipton and Downing.
                          I always felt that although Tipton and Downing played lots of stuff together, they competed with each other... in a good way.


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                            my duos/trios from the 70's:

                            schenker/roth - scorpions

                            collins/gaines/rossington - lynyrd skynyrd

                            my duos from the 80's:

                            murray/smith - iron maiden

                            sherman/denner - mercyful fate

                            laroque/denner - king diamond

                            hansen/weikath - helloween

                            my duos from the 90's:

                            hansen/richter - gamma ray

                            ludwig/sauer - edguy

                            olbrich/siepen - blind guardian

                            that pretty much covers it from memory....

                            some guitars...WITH STRINGS!!!! most of them have those sticks like on guitar hero....AWESOME!!!!

                            some amps...they have some glowing bottle like things in them...i think my amps do that modelling thing....COOL, huh?!?!?!

                            and finally....

                            i have those little plastic "chips" used to hit the strings...WHOA!!!!


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                              Pretty much all of the ones you guy have said i like.
                              I want a guitar made of ALL abalone. That would be badass. All shellfish should die for my shreddage delight.

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