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Carvin MTS saves my ass.

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  • Carvin MTS saves my ass.

    So, my drummer killed my Laney VC50 (completely ripped the input section idea how). He's also lazy, so he hasn't taken it to get repaired (I don't have a car since I live in the city). So I've been going through his Carvin MTS head through the Laney speakers, but last night the speaker jack died as we were setting up at a show. I didn't want to ask one of the other bands to borrow a cab (we had to leave after our set), but then it hit me:

    Carvin built a "cabinet voiced line out" into the MTS. So, the soundguy DI'ed it through the PA, and while it lost a little something (and a lot of stage volume), by all accounts it sounded pretty good, and not out-of-the-ordinary.

    Kudos to you, Carvin, for putting all sorts of sweet features on your amps.
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    They make some good shit, that's a fact. But get that fucking drummer to put your amp inm the shop stat!
    Ron is the MAN!!!!


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      Great story. Great thinking on your feet too. That is a great feature and a life saver. BTW... it records extremely well too using that jack. You would be very surprised.