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    I'm brand new to guitar, and to music in general. I mean, I've of course been listening to music for my 51 years, but have never made any real effort to learn how to play an instrument before. So I got myself a JS34Q-DKAM and some basic accessories like extra strings, tuner, cleaning kit, etc. The last piece of gear that I had been shopping for was a practice amp. I had recently picked up a Fender 15G for my daughter for $40 at our local pawn shop. This amp is surely all that I would need as a total beginner so I started looking for one for myself. Scouring Craigslist and FB Marketplace turned up several 15G amps at prices hovering around $80 so I lowered my aim slightly to the 10G. Again, I found some locally, but for more than I thought I should have to pay. I finally decided that if I have to pay $80 for a used amp, I might start looking at other options. I stumbled upon the Mustang 1 V.2 on Ebay for only $48. Too bad the shipping is $30 or it really would have been an amazing deal. Still $30 cheaper than I could find it locally and no more than I would have paid for a 15G in my area. I can't wait for it to arrive.

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    You will probably get more out of the 1v2 with the modeling as a beginner, you will have more than one tone choice and some effects that will give you a little better idea what tone you like as you progress without buying tons of different amps and effects. welcome to guitar, Hope you enjoy the ride.