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just got the Fortin Grind Blackout

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  • just got the Fortin Grind Blackout

    I have a Jackson flying V JS32 CD CONCORDE and a Marshall 8100 valvestate. I've never been happy with my sound, but recently I got the Fortin Grind Blackout pedal, which has totally changed my sound for the better. I usually come here only for floyd rose/jackson related stuff, but there are some pretty cool people here so I thought I'd just share this. I plan on doing a review of it on my youtube channel eventually, but for now, I'm just enjoying the hell out of it, playing it again and again in my basement. In fact, I've just spent hours in my basement playing when I only intended to come downstairs to get something.

    This pedal is meant for big flubby high gain amps like Mesa Boogie, and my vavlestate is already pretty thin to boot, but it makes it so tight and saturated sounding. I'm really happy with it!

    Please visit my all metal youtube channel: