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digitech gsp 2101 fault

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  • digitech gsp 2101 fault

    hi there.anyone here clued up on this gsp2101 unit ?.mine has a fault it changes channel by itself,lets say im using ch32 which is nozone after few mins it changes to another channel without me touching it,i dont use a floor board to change from 1 channel to another.would a blast of electric cleaner inside unit fix the problem or will i need take it to shop ??.thanks

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    Perhaps the guys at can help.
    Even though the original founder passed away, the members seem to keep the light on.

    Sucks when our favorite piece of digital rack gear starts to die. About a year ago, my G-Major was acting weird, so I contacted TCE. They informed me that they no longer service this discontinued model. BUT they were more than happy to point me towards the G-Major2. So I bought one. In the future, it would be a shame to toss them because the factory offers no service.


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      I would open it up and clean it out before taking it to the shop but thats just me. Sounds like something inside of it. Blast it soft brush as well get the dust and cob webs out of it


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        ok lads thanks