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    I have not played in a 2 guitar band in a long time. When I did years ago, I was often finding myself lost in the mix. I used to think it was my cheap solid state amps. Now I know much was due to having "scooped mids" disease. I sounded great at home playing to the tape. In the band, my volume (or now we know it was EQ) could not compete some other guy's Marshall and his mids.

    I won't be buying any new modeler anytime soon. Not because of concerns of tone or presence in the mix. All the modeling gear I like, is beyond what spare change I have. Also, the older I get, the less I enjoy tweaking digital screens or software to play guitar.


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      Of course it is not only the other guitar you compete with. Drums, Bass, Keys. Every thing needs its own sonic space to be heard with out using tons of Wattage.


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        Originally posted by pianoguyy View Post
        Sorry, I guess this isn't the L6 forum. We're lacking some information here. My bad.

        My post was not pointed at your posts( at least I did not mean for it to be). no apology needed.


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          I'm kind of curious to play through an EVH head myself...have been eyeing up the 50 watt version. But, I just don't know if I need anything besides my SLO or Hot Rod 25 amp head as they will always be my main amps and I don't want to start accumulating things I only turn on once in a while. How does the EVH compare to Soldano overdrive? To me in clips it sounds raspier?


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            Originally posted by paranoid View Post
            My post was not pointed at your posts( at least I did not mean for it to be). no apology needed.
            I did take it as a response to my post. But, even if it wasn't, my follow up post was needed. This is the Jackson page. We have Jackson knowledge. Not everyone here knows about the unheard ugly frequencies of L6 gear the way they do on the L6 page. The same as the L6 users probably don't understand when a Jackson user says "clear coat issue".

            Of course, the other way to look at it is....
            I have spoken to some L6 users who have no idea that they could hook their units up to a computer and get updates or backup their settings.
            So, really, some people are seriously blind with their gear information. Sometimes we just need to talk at basic levels and not assume that anyone knows anything.


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              Originally posted by rocksoldier View Post
              jgcable: In my experience the Kemper cuts as good as any amp, even in a twin guitar band with a tube amp. I guess a Marshall may be more fail safe compared to the many crappy presets/profiles available though. Have you tried a current top tier modeler in a live situation yourself?
              Yes.... Line 6 Helix. Fantastic piece of gear but it was a little hard to hear live with the other guitar player using a Peavey 6505+ 1 x 12 combo mic'd.
              Let me be clear about this.... the new top tier modelers are like nothing anyone has heard before.
              Heck.. the Boss Katana 100 is absolutely outstanding live. Every time I use that little 100w 1 x 12 Solid State modeling combo I get compliments and I have a smile on my face and its not even close to how good the Helix or Kemper is.
              What about the Blue G rig? Holy crap does that sound good.