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  • voodu valve

    is this preamp/fx recommendable or just a nice gimmick? been thinking about getting one since I don't have the cash to get me a diezel...

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    Re: voodu valve

    I have one, and I love it. I went through a bunch of heads and preamps before settling on this sucker. It sounds great, low maintenance, but the programming does take a while to get used to...............


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      Re: voodu valve

      It's the preamp I settled on for quite some time before I made the jump to the CAE3+se..

      I found it to be quite a cool piece with a ton of crunch to it. The only thing I can say bad is that they are just a little dead sounding, sorta lacking sparkle I guess. I've heard others say the same. Not that bad though really. Still, one of the best out there IMO. I still have mine and will loop it into my system soon again.

      Most of the power is in the EQ section... There is a trick to getting major crunch in the high gain settings.

      You have to pull ALL the bass out of the Pre EQ and pump it up strong in the post EQ bass... That somehow tighten it up tremendously and give a lot of definition and edge with a really heavy crunch.

      That the biggest trick with that preamp. They are VERY cool... My favorite cheaper preamp.