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  • Hey Chuck and Nor

    Did you guys ever hook up to try out a Mesa Roadking yet??? I was wondering if you did and if so what you dudes thought of it???
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    Re: Hey Chuck and Nor

    Not yet. The GC by my house has one - I just haven't had the time. Besides, I looked at the serial # and it's a pre-500.

    Maybe that's why it wasn't plugged in... [img]graemlins/tongue3.gif[/img]
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      Re: Hey Chuck and Nor

      The Tempe GC has a Road King in stock, it was in the back last time I was in there. They might have it out on display by now, maybe I'll have to go by there and check it out. If it's there, Chuck might be persuaded to go in there, and check it out.


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        Re: Hey Chuck and Nor

        I Played one right when it came in
        it is not that big of a thing it sounded ok
        but it blew up when i was playing it they had to send it back to get it fixed the first few had a problem