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Are Guitar Lesson Websites Worth It?

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There are a bunch of different guitar lesson websites that all claim to teach you guitar and help you play guitar faster, but do any of them work better than just taking guitar lessons at your local music shop?
The answer is maybe. It depends on what you want to learn and how you want to learn it. In this post, weíll talk about some of the benefits of using a guitar teaching website and some of the things that you should think about before signing up for one.

#1 - Lessons Price

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that online lessons are way cheaper than taking lessons in person at your local guitar store. Most websites like Guitar Tricks or JamPlay offer full access to their lessons for about $20 per month.

Depending on the area of the country that you live in, you might not even be able to get one half hour lesson for this price. That makes in person lessons about 4-5 times more expense!

#2 Ė Length of Content

Any one of the main guitar lesson websites will have thousands of lessons with tons of different materials and resources in each lesson. They typically offer video lessons, music notation, and backing tracks for every lesson. Thatís way more than you would be getting from an in person lesson.

Plus, you can push pause, rewind, and replay any lesson that you need to. Unless you are recording your private lessons on your own, you wonít be able to do this.

#3 Ė Convenience of Lessons

I think one of the biggest benefits to online lessons is the convenience of them. You can start and stop them at any point. You can practice and take some lessons at midnight or right after work or school. This is particularly important when you have a busy schedule and you donít have time to go to the guitar shop or have time to take your kids to their lessons.

Because if you have to cancel one lesson, you will probably have to pay a cancelation fee and you will have to wait another week to continue your lessons. Being able to log on to a lesson platform at any time is way more convenient and helps you learn and keep practicing way more than private lessons.

#4 Ė Music Styles

One of the biggest benefits to taking lessons online is the shear amount of different types of lessons that are available. Websites like JamPlay guitar lessons review more than 30 different music styles in over 6,000 guitar lessons. You literally have the ability to learn any type of music style that you want to. I canít say that is the case with local in person lessons.

#5 Ė Extra Resources

Iíve already said something about this, but itís important to think about. A big benefit to online lessons is the list of teaching resources that come with your membership. Some of the big lesson websites like Guitar Tricks lessons review over 1,000 guitar backing tracks and play-a-long songs that you can use to practice.

This is one of the best ways to learn solos and how to play with a band. I love playing with backing tracks. You arenít going to get access to backing tracks with regular lessons.


In summary, online lessons are totally worth it. The amount of features and learning resources that you can get for $20 per month is crazy. Itís completely worth it, but itís not necessarily a complete replacement for in-person, private lessons.

Some people need an in-person teacher who will force them to practice. Thereís nothing wrong with wanting to take in-person lessons. You could take private lessons and sign up for online lessons as a supplement.
Regardless what type of lessons you decide to use, the important thing is that you are playing guitar. Anything that will help you learn and keep you motivated to keep playing is a great resource.

There are many great options online. The age of online learning is in full effect. Online lessons will just keep getting better.

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