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425SL Acoustic Bass

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I have what appears to be a 425SL Bass, no model number posted any where, small label in side with nothing but the number 5486 on it. If this is the serial number, the info I have says it was made in the USA just before they sent production over seas. I'm not sure when this model was made but was in production in Japan by company that bought Charvel. The info for that model years is 1991-1993. Model similar to Surfcaster except it is built like an acoustic with fixed wooden bridge and acoustic style pressure induced pickup compared to the Surfcaster with lipstick pickups, pickguard and adjustable metal bridge/saddle. Does anyone know or where I can find out if these were made in America before the transition and eventual sale to a Japanese company. I have already contacted Charvel customer support but they don't have that information available to them.

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