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Help to identify Guitar

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I have discovered an old guitar handed down to me by my father.

It is a solid wood Charvel Guitar with a black neck plate bearing serial number 950361 with a made in USA printed on the neck. I believe it to be a custom job and appears to be an impressive bit of equipment. However, i am but a novice and have no idea. If anyone can provide any information - you help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Paul b's Avatar
    Any information on a jackson blue flame top Floyd rose trem JS30 200718481 has dot inlay on neck
  2. 10laney's Avatar
    Jackson Import Bolt-on serial number guide:

    6 Digit Serials
    Starts w/ | Type of Jackson Guitar
    0-5 | Professional (MIJ) [or No Series (MIJ) for 1995], first digit denotes year (0=1990, 5=1995)
    6 | 1996 No Series (MIJ)
    90-95 | Fusion (MIJ), first two digits denotes year (90=1990, 95=1994)
    96 | 1996 No Series MIJ before switch to 7 digit serial