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    The Jackson Charvel Forum is your ultimate source for information about Jackson Guitars and Charvel Guitars. Our 12,000 and growing member community is made up of beginners to professional guitarists to collectors who love Jackson guitars and Charvel guitars. The JCF has members from around the world, some who come with questions about their Jackson or Charvel Guitar, others looking for advice as to if they should buy a Jackson guitar or another brand. Others come to hang out with the friends they have created over the last 7 years on the Jackson Charvel Forum.

    The JCF has traveled a long road since 2001. It has seen many people be a part of its administration and leave their mark, as well as many members who have taught us all something new about Jackson Guitars or Charvel guitars. The JCF has been there for members coming home with a brand new Jackson Guitar and it has been a part of its members having to sell their beloved Charvel when times have been rough. It has been there for us when we have lost fellow members who have become good friends over the years. And it has been there for some members to brag about a new born child. As always, the Jackson Charvel Forum will be dedicated to its members, not only to provide a space to discuss Jackson Guitars and Charvel Guitars, but everything else that goes along with them.