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  1. Wow..I have a blog.

  2. The Cygnus Amp Blog

    My tooth hurts.
    Taking the day off tomorrow to get it dealt with.
    I may die of a cardiac arrest if the infection floats to my bloodstream, but
    I am ready to "meet my maker".

  3. Roflmao


    The Britney dude is just so into it. How many hours do you figure he spent doing that in the mirror?

    I'd say I want some of whatever this guy's smoking, but I really don't...

  4. My First Blog Post Ever

    So, this is blogging, eh? Hmmm... how 'bout a link or something?

    What's this? We can finally embed vids here on the JCF?

    Doesn't look like it works, at least in the preview. Oh well...
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