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  1. Early 1986 Model 1A

    For a long time now, I felt there was something wrong with my 1A. I felt that someone had tried to recreate or fake a 1A (for some damn reason), and I was the idiot who bought it. The reason was that the pickguard did not look like all the other pickguards on 1A's, and the screws were in different places. In addition, I have a 3A from '86, and the paint on the 1A is slightly darker. It also has a TM Maple neck (which I can't seem to find on the internet) and a headstock plate. I just recently ...
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  2. 425SL Acoustic Bass

    I have what appears to be a 425SL Bass, no model number posted any where, small label in side with nothing but the number 5486 on it. If this is the serial number, the info I have says it was made in the USA just before they sent production over seas. I'm not sure when this model was made but was in production in Japan by company that bought Charvel. The info for that model years is 1991-1993. Model similar to Surfcaster except it is built like an acoustic with fixed wooden bridge and acoustic style ...
  3. Help Identify and Price Jackson Professional V

    I purchased this guitar in the 90's and I was hoping to get more info on it as I recently rediscovered it stashed away (please excuse the dust) Its a Jackson Professional V style with 2 EMG humbuckers and Jackson tremolo, the back plate has serial # 602530, any info on Model and how much they currently go for would be much appreciated , Thanks

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  4. help me please

    I come to you because I will have maybe a TL-1 Charvel San Dimas guitar this 1995 Serial number 951484.
    as well I do not know your brand and found no specification on the internet guitar could you help me know the information?
    How did you guitar builds of this model?
    body in any wood? is it builds into a piece of wood?
    handle any wood? is it also builds in a piece of wood?
    Is a custom shop of your guitar?
    thank you for your answer is if you have other ...
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  5. Help to identify Guitar

    I have discovered an old guitar handed down to me by my father.

    It is a solid wood Charvel Guitar with a black neck plate bearing serial number 950361 with a made in USA printed on the neck. I believe it to be a custom job and appears to be an impressive bit of equipment. However, i am but a novice and have no idea. If anyone can provide any information - you help would be much appreciated.
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