View Full Version : Fishman Equis Gold system wiring?

11-25-2003, 04:00 AM
Ok, I got a Equis Gold acoustic preamp (internal/body mounted) and need to know what to do with the green, red, white, and black wires. I assumed they would wire like a Duncan or Dimarzio pickup (same colors, same functions) but no combination seems to work - all I get is dead. The battery box is already connected, so I know that's right.
Also, I'm assuming one wire goes to the jack to turn the unit on/off, and there is a separatte ground wire (bare), so I don't know if I should wire another wire to it (ala Duncan) or if each wire has to have a unique connection or if they should be paired (i.e. R&W, etc).
I've got the pickup's lead jumped to each of the preamp's wires but I only get sound when the pickup is going straight to the output.

Anybody ever see one of these Equis Gold (by Fishman) systems? Fishman's site doesn't mention it. These were OEM for several makers as I understand it.


11-25-2003, 07:20 PM
Well Newc, I'm at a dead end on this one. I've installed a lot of fishman systems and I dug through my schematics but I can't find anything about the equis. On all of my docs the red goes to the tip of the jack, the white is ring, and the black is the switch (power). I have no clue what the green would be for. Have you tried grounding the green? I wouldn't want you to fuck anything up so I dunno.

11-26-2003, 10:44 AM
Actually the guy I bought it from had a diagram he emailed me - "the silver ground wire needs to go to the sleeve (ground),
the white wire goes to the tip (hot), and the green wire is the switch I
mentioned earlier. It goes to the ring. The red and black (along with the
silver) make up the balanced output."

Now I gotta hop down to Radio Slack for a 1/16" plug to wire the pickup to (plugs into the board) images/icons/grin.gif