View Full Version : Guitar body numbers?

11-08-2005, 02:50 PM
I just picked up a mutt. It has a black strat body with 2 hums and a Floyd. All the hardware is gold. I want to apply alot of the number "9"'s to the body. Any ideas where I could get white 9 decals?

11-08-2005, 02:56 PM
HERE (http://www.ggstickers.com/stickers.htm) ya go Johnny boy.

11-08-2005, 02:56 PM
rub on letters can be found at art supply stores... you could also use the prizm stickers that you can get at hardware stores...?

11-08-2005, 02:59 PM
Letters and Numbers are now available

One inch letters are $. 50 each

Three inch letters are $. 75 each

Five inch letters are $1.25 each

Just enter the letters you want in the space provided in the order form. Letters A - Z and numbers 0 - 9

11-08-2005, 11:26 PM
Just go to walmart or home depot and get some of those mailbox letters and numbers. They come in all sorts of sizes and styles. And they glow when the lights hit them too.

11-09-2005, 12:33 AM
Go to a local sign shop that does vinyl lettering. They can do assorted size, fonts and colors.-Lou

11-09-2005, 07:42 AM
I give up. Why 9's? other than 999 turned upside down is...

11-09-2005, 07:51 AM
Its my favorite #. It seems my entire life is based around the #9.

11-09-2005, 02:20 PM
9 is the highest number.

11-09-2005, 09:08 PM
yup...after 9 it turns back into ZERO!