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  1. Charvel Wildcard #8 Wiring?
  2. Blackouts AHB-2 out of phase?
  3. What watt?
  4. 2 humbuckers, 1 volume, caps question
  5. Rocket Pickups
  6. R3 or R4, Which one?
  7. Really tight truss rod
  8. Rewiring Jackson SDX!!
  9. 18V Pedal
  10. SD Gus G questions
  11. PIC REQUEST: model 2/3/4/5/6 Floyd lock nut conversions
  12. Re Wiring My USA Pro Mod San Dimas
  13. Removing binding question
  14. stiff strings that are hard to bend on my DK2M
  15. Neck Setup
  16. rsources for learning how to do setups
  17. Floyds and string gauge
  18. Replacement Floyd Fot a Charvel model 1
  19. Music Nomad polishes & guitar wax
  20. Noob question: Will an RR fit into a KV case?
  21. DK2M neck swappage mystery
  22. Aldrich pups in an alder/rosewood Custom Star?
  23. Disaster on my DK2M body refinish!
  24. DiMarzio Pup question
  25. Pickup Suggestions for a SL2H?
  26. Stripped Screw Hole in a Control Cavity: How to Fix?
  27. Maple or Ebony?
  28. Change JT-6 to OFR
  29. floyd rose special question
  30. Model 4 setup
  31. Another solution to the locking compensated nut!
  32. Fully cleaning Charvel So Cal USA unfinished maple neck?
  33. Finally got around to the RR5 mod I've been meaning to do forever! (Ferrules)
  34. Post drilling template for v-trem and or OFR
  35. Floyd Rose spring question
  36. in-ear monitors
  37. Problems with tuning / nut
  38. Pressing/setting frets on compound radius board?
  39. Fretboard chip from prior refretting: Best Fix?
  40. Fusion Pro humbucker swap, need wiring help!
  41. Jackson SLXT Truss Rod Nut Size?
  42. Oil Finished Maple Questions
  43. Removing spray paint
  44. replacing saddle on Jackson/Charvel licensed Schaller Floyds
  45. My new Ibby Roadstar II plays/sounds great, until 20 minutes have passed....
  46. Direct replacement for Jackson PC1 tuners
  47. Need graphic ideas for a Warrior
  48. Charvel model 6 truss rod wrench
  49. Crosby's Firebird was quite big wasn't it.
  50. Extra Trem arm for a JT-6?
  51. Inter changeable necks imports?
  52. Grounding/interference issue.
  53. Dragonfire Pickups?
  54. Flush Mounted OFR without Angled Neck Pocket
  55. Old Neck-Thru Bodies Life Expectancy
  56. Jackson neck onto an ESP/LTD V50?
  57. Replacement parts for this Jackson?
  58. Big Brass Block
  59. Floyd Rose broken :(
  60. Question on Floyd setup (possibly dumb lol)
  61. analog to didgital audio ripper
  62. Replacement knobs for Jackson PC1
  63. Room enough in standard Charvel cavity for...
  64. Pickup mag question
  65. Quick painting/stencil question
  66. Need replacement saddles for JT-580LP
  67. drilling a hole for a groundwire
  68. Inzane decals
  69. Pick up that bring out the lows for guitar
  70. For you guys that tune to C# .....
  71. killswitch issues
  72. Original Floyd Rose on an import Fusion (Takeushi Bridge) ?
  73. What do you think about the Performer bodies?
  74. still having trouble finding a replacement saddle
  75. Lowering the action on an acoustic?
  76. finish defect common on Dinkys?
  77. Soloist clear lifting
  78. Marr in paint finish
  79. Pickup wiring question
  80. Kahler fulcrum trems
  81. How do they get this kind of finish?
  82. Kahler string claw problems
  83. Best fret pollish?
  84. Painting the pickguard
  85. Headstock Allen wrench holder
  86. 6 leads on a humbucker?!
  87. Quick F spacing question
  88. RR3 without a ground wire????
  89. Single coils
  90. Chainsaw case hinge and latch repair
  91. Looking for black mini switch
  92. More Gus G Fire questions
  93. FU Floyd Big Block Install / Review
  94. Help needed... Amp modification
  95. Jackson USA Truss rod issue
  96. Jackson USA necks doing weird things? Any help?
  97. Intonation Problem on SL2H
  98. stratoblaster circuit???
  99. Odd Question....
  100. What size trem posts on SoCal and Promods?
  101. possibly stupid EMG 18v question
  102. J80c spacing
  103. To reverse or not to reverse
  104. Strange Crackle on E & A String - New Guitar
  105. got quick connect system but no cables?
  106. on board pre amp vs. boost pedal
  107. paint sprayer and paint question
  108. Custom to Custom 8 magnet swap.. Squealing mess!!
  109. Floyd Rose base plate kaput. Where to get a new one?
  110. Anyone have experience with JLD Bridges?
  111. Kramer neck copy sellers
  112. Nut fix tip
  113. Jackson PC-1 Tuning Stability
  114. Cost of painting a guitar.
  115. L.A. area J/C'ers - who does your repair work?
  116. Anyone tried a Duncan JB JR in the neck position?
  117. Opinions please
  118. push button 3 way switch
  119. Schaller Lockmeister
  120. Rusty pickup pole pieces? Try some Gorgomyte!
  121. Does/has anyone used the Katana feet level?
  122. OFR Big block??
  123. KV2 3 way switch to 5 way switch???
  124. Titanium Floyd?
  125. HELP! Question on JE1200 wiring diagram for Jackson Professional Soloist Pro
  126. Power Attenuators???
  127. What j50bc is this?
  128. Help Please!!!! left handed Truss Rod cover!!!!
  129. How to silence noisy external PSU's?
  130. Need some Bridge pickup suggestions for my new GMW
  131. Mod-Time!!! Need advice!
  132. What pickup could be useful in this situation?
  133. Floyd Rose Trem Blocker??
  134. One hum sounds different...
  135. How exactly do I route out the posts...
  136. String tension issue.
  137. How to remove glued in strap buttons and glue from body.....
  138. Waxing fretboard?
  139. Musician's Gear Strings
  140. Removing jackson tuner logo's
  141. Is THIS Licensed Floyd Rose a JT-500?
  142. So-Cal pickguard on Musikraft body
  143. Cramming foam under the pickup?
  144. Securing the Randall sign to the grill of my amp
  145. Wiring Schematics Picture Library idea
  146. Neck pocket shimming?
  147. Model 4 budget build/electronics tip..
  148. Pot, wiring, and capacitor mods or upgrades to improve tone??
  149. San Dimas Re-fret
  150. Questions re: Pot, cap and pickup wiring
  151. Pullup Vs. Dive on Trems?
  152. Odd resonating problem
  153. Correct orientation of saddle block insert for Floyd Rose Lo Pro
  154. Model 4 finish fix?
  155. Pick-Ups?
  156. Stage one of floyd nut conversion complete. Need help with stage 2
  157. Removing magic marker from tweed case?
  158. Stage one of building a guitar complete. Need help with stage 2.
  159. Wiring Diagram For 91 Soloist
  160. So, High Output Pickups required for Soloist?
  161. For fcks sake, what now!
  162. online store to buy old charvel parts
  163. Single coil to match L-500XL?
  164. Jackson Rhoads replacement Control Plate question
  165. Screw size for top mount OFR nut?
  166. Replacement Schaller for '91 USA Soloist?
  167. Jackson Kelly Case Repair - ?
  168. Old chrome crown head Gotoh's???
  169. Touching up a maple board
  170. Tone capacitor for Duncan Blackouts.
  171. Truss Rod Wrench Size for '91 Soloist Custom?
  172. epiphone nut height
  173. Gotoh SG360 tuners = SG36 tuners?
  174. FU-tone floyd blocks
  175. 89 275 DLX selector switch
  176. Setup help
  177. San Dimas RR1 w/EMG's wired 3x's and still a hum!!! Help please
  178. Randall footswitch question
  179. Does anyone know...
  180. Sticky Nitro Lacquer Necks - Polish recommendations ?
  181. Anybody installed a big block on a non-recessed Floyd (floating)?
  182. Help with EMG Pick UPs
  183. Replacement bridge help, please.
  184. The Duncan JB
  185. "The plain truth about Nitro" by Bruce Bennett
  186. Stewmac Schaller vs Warmoth Schaller
  187. Making parts suck!
  188. JT580LP copies that are worth a damn?
  189. I no longer hate heel truss rod nuts!
  190. Reverse Headstock String Winding
  191. Single coil suggestions.
  192. Kahler 2300 question
  193. Wiring question
  194. What sounds like a JB but with less mids?
  195. Best amp cleaner????
  196. Intonating a Fulcrum Trem
  197. How to prep for paint
  198. Axmax trem
  199. Floyn nut size chart, anyone have one?
  200. What size pick up ring mounting screws for USA Pro Mod SD Style 2??
  201. Best way to clean dust out of Valve Amp?
  202. Short pick up lead help!
  203. Grounding issues.....I think?
  204. Floyd out of tune after pull-ups. Back in tune after dive.
  205. Guitar pick materials...
  206. Who sells new Schaller base plates?
  207. Original Floyd trem arm with plastic bushing ????
  208. Ebony fretboard cleaner advice...looking for alternatives
  209. CCJ Semour Duncans bridge and neck.?
  210. SLSMG Wiring question
  211. Peavey Triple XXX Super 40 / Which brand of tubes for retubing
  212. Best way to clean and oil a rosewood fretboard.
  213. Were the J50BC/J200x2's
  214. In a need of a good and durable softcase
  215. Jackson J-90c
  216. Floyd Upgrades for USA Soloist
  217. Oil finish guitar. Maintenance?
  218. Tube Q on Black star amps
  219. Where to get real MOP inlays to upgrade from MOTO?
  220. Reprinting a guitar question
  221. UK People: Anyone know any good guitar techs?
  222. Anybody had any luck with nail polish to touch up poly?
  223. I've come to really dislike locking trems...
  224. Winter stress on guitars
  225. Direct mount pickups same as ring mounted??
  226. A good project for a snowy day
  227. Tremolo Springs
  228. Looks legit to me.
  229. 7 String neck specs
  230. retainer bar
  231. does an empty pickup slot affect tone?
  232. Open chords: Regular vs. Reverse Headstock
  233. String gauge question/Kahler
  234. Need to get an old-school Floyd post
  235. Tremolo Saddle Issue
  236. Does the Kahler 2320 have a "cam stop" or "locking/blocking" feature like the 2300?
  237. BC Rich Quad bridge setup questions
  238. Humbucker-sized P90 for neck position?
  239. USA RR1 95' Truss Rod Allen key size?
  240. Replace Schaller trem for OFR?
  241. Model 4 input wiring?
  242. Gibson V:Poor sustain on upper frets of High E
  243. Strange Smears? on a Satin Finish
  244. new saddles or new unit
  245. Has anyone here refinished a Jackson neck thru with tru oil?
  246. Have any of you installed a Floyd?
  247. Pickup Decision Help
  248. My 25 yr old JT6 arm needs replacing, is this the one?
  249. Pls Help with PC1 Truss Rod Adjustment
  250. Which guitars use Nitrocellulose lacquor?