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  1. Cable Question
  2. Houndstooth paint job?
  3. Installing Tuners
  4. best solution for changing the volume knob location on my DK2M
  5. Raising the nut on a POS
  6. Problem in preamp (midboost) Charvel Model 6
  7. Pickup Mounting: Ideas for better sound transfer from wood?
  8. Anyone butcher 2 guitars into 1?
  9. Jackson Pickup/Midboost Question
  10. SL2H Electronics mods
  11. Fastfret
  12. Killer Kahler 2700 *PORN*
  13. Jackson PS4 '97 Nut
  14. Seymour Duncan's Custom Shop
  15. ANOTHER type of big block?
  16. 5 way switch question
  17. Replacement Kahler intonation screws
  18. How do I use my new multimeter to diagnose a wiring problem?
  19. Sring Through Body vs Stop Tail
  20. Shielded RCA Cable: Adequate Substitute for Wiring a Guitar?
  21. String Dampeners: BUZNUT vs MAB string dampener
  22. Has anyone used a Hot Rails and/or a JB Jr?
  23. A pickup question
  24. Open B has bad BUZZ on old Ibanez
  25. Buzz/Hum from Stock Seymour Duncan Pickups
  26. tools
  27. nut size?
  28. Bummer Gotoh locking term doesn't fit USA KV2
  29. Will a 24 fret USA Dinky or DK1 neck fit on a PC1 body?
  30. Another problem!!! not my week
  31. Mahogany wood filler, and natural finish questions.
  32. Jackson Single Coil wiring with EMG PA2
  33. Charvel J-50B pickup wiring color
  34. LSR tuner string slippage
  35. Nut install question
  36. EMG, the new X series, who has, tried, opinions plz.
  37. Warmoth Neck as compared to Pro mod necks
  38. Wiring guru's, help needed
  39. Sperzels on a reverse headstock
  40. Installing evh pot in USA Charvel Style 2 2h
  41. Home Studio Guys, in Here...Paging Moshy...
  42. J50bc wiring opposite of duncan?
  43. Need help with string clamp replacement
  44. help with mandolin tuning....
  45. What's fact, what's not and manipulating the public opinion
  46. Tuner trouble on DK2.
  47. Charvel Desolation Active pups question
  48. Magnet swap in JB
  49. Gold Binding
  50. Jackson Factory Hot Pink finish
  51. Few refinishing questions
  52. Unbalanced Action on a Floyd: Cons?
  53. DR-2 help
  54. Damn these import nuts and necks! How to plug and redrill?
  55. Action Advice
  56. Carbon Fiber Neck Rods
  57. Mahogany vs Mahogany with Maple Top
  58. Anyone every done...
  59. Strap Lock Screw vibrates loose
  60. Does anyone else install their strings "backwards? on a Floyd?
  61. Neck isn't warped, nor back-bowed.....
  62. PHOENIX AZ :: Need setup tech recommendations...
  63. Push Push Pickup Selector
  64. Finish Delamination
  65. TOM Setup: Am I on the Right Track?
  66. Charvel USA Pro Mod's - Recommended Floyd height and a few dramas.
  67. SL1 DiMarzio Pickup Suggestions.
  68. Replacing FR Licensed Low Profile Trem w/ Gotoh FR
  69. Set up my first floyd.
  70. Pickguard relic?
  71. Daisy-chain style power supply for multiple pedals
  72. Removing/Replacing Inlays
  73. pickup suggestions for my Model 1A
  74. Filling Truss Rod Cover Holes
  75. Need template for swimming pool route
  76. Duncan Blackout preamp with DiMarzio D'Activators?
  77. Kit guitar advice
  78. Bread boarded a Je1000
  79. Shimming Schaller tremolo saddles..
  80. To Cover or not to cover my Humbucker
  81. Open string rattle.
  82. Alternative to a J50BC
  83. Spring tension measuring?
  84. Any ideas or advice on a DIY rattle can Refin? Snow Camo style
  85. Charvel model 375 trem base Plate
  86. Putting a cap on an salvaged body
  87. Charvels with no truss rod, how to adjust neck relief?
  88. no sound
  89. Wiring diagram for a blended pot
  90. Jackson tuners, do the tuning pegs match Schaller pegs?
  91. Ernie Ball Cobalt Strings: Anyone try these yet?
  92. Pickup Dating...With Wire Color?
  93. Sperzel D Thing: Drop Tuner
  94. Anyone have problems with DiMarzio pickups?
  95. Truss rod size on older PC1's???
  96. USA San Dimas d standard setup questions
  97. Swapping necks
  98. New German Made Floyds - Fine Tuners coarse or fine threads?
  99. SprayMax Urethane Aerosol Clear Coat over lacquer toner
  100. Duncan Invaders?
  101. Vintage blues set - backwards??
  102. Help with Stealth HX
  103. Does anyone else play dropped C in "standard" tuning?
  104. Tuners capabilities
  105. Help setting up my RR5.
  106. Moving to USA with my DK2M
  107. Problem with a Jackson Dinky Elite
  108. Duncan Jazz in the neck position
  109. Quick Wiring Question: Replacing SPDT with DPDT
  110. short Floyd block (32mm) characteristics?
  111. Good site for ordering electronics, pickups, hardware and stuff.....
  112. Bad tuning keys?
  113. Dave Mustaine King V Custom Shop Order
  114. Jt6 and orig FR questions
  115. General Bridge Replacement - Easy conversation!
  116. Jackson USA RR1T vs Schaller Roller
  117. EMG wiring?
  118. Where can I get the lightning paint done?
  119. Sustainer circuit for non-strat guitar?
  120. Maple Partscaster Refin Thread
  121. TB-6 or SH-6 for model 2?
  122. Change DK2 Pickups to SD + Headphones
  123. Question on pots and wiring for 91 soloist
  124. ProMod Push Pull Volume
  125. Fusion SP Neck Radius Question
  126. Replacing the JT6 with a Floyd
  127. this would be a challenging headstock repair.
  128. Jackson PC-1 -- PCB connectors
  129. Strings !
  130. Snakeskin
  131. J50BC Pickup Install
  132. J-85 kinda trebly but.....
  133. Putting a Liscenced Floyd in an Ibanez. Question? Sully....
  134. Changing Pots, how to get control plate out on Gibson LP?
  135. SH2N with a dead coil?
  136. Seymour Duncan GEQ-1 Firestorm Pickup Boost
  137. Wiring issue 88-89(?) Charvel
  138. Help with swapping pickups on DKMG with import 3-way blade!
  139. JE-1500 wiring diagram
  140. Waterslide decals? need a professional one
  141. Refret with binding
  142. Floyd Rose "PRO" Saddle
  143. which brass block size do I need and will it block?(I want it to block pulls)
  144. Mounting Stud Insert problem
  145. Little help - input wanted
  146. Pickup ring screws
  147. Seymour Duncan 59=Jackson J-50 BC
  148. 9s, 10s, or beyond?
  149. problems with pinch harmonics?
  150. Anyone ever had a pickup model that didn't get along with your amp?
  151. Anybody have any experience with these??
  152. Grounding issue...HELP!
  153. Hey there buds ! Share your exp !
  154. picking position
  155. GFS pickups
  156. Mighty Mite necks
  157. RR3 high pitch squeal
  158. Removing the finish from the neck
  159. Aftermarket neck intonation question
  160. EMG equivalents for jackson j-1000/1200
  161. My Je1000 DIY build
  162. Basic guitar care
  163. trem or non trem spacing?
  164. 22 fret toothpaste Charvel neck.
  165. Setting action
  166. Neck Finishing Questions
  167. Dimarzio Evolution???
  168. Guitar body build
  169. MP3 player with pitch control?
  170. RR3 wiring question
  171. Trying to find EIGHT hole pickguard for 2 humbuckers
  172. JE-1000 vs JE-1200
  173. DUH Moment!!!
  174. RR3 shielding/high pitch feedback question
  175. Duncan Pickup Options for a Les Paul
  176. J-50n question
  177. American J-pickups vs japanese J-pickups
  178. Humbucker in ash Charvel Fusion copy
  179. Will FR Special on Charvel DST fit in place of JT580
  180. Original Floyd rose trem bar
  181. Looking for someone to do a refinish
  182. Frudua method for setting up Floyd Rose
  183. the last of the hardtails??
  184. Need to be walked through cleaning Amp Volume Pot...
  185. New 1984 Floyd Rose
  186. Can't set Floyd on San Dimas Soloist 86
  187. JT-590 Saddle lock screw stripped
  188. JT580LP Hex Saddle Screws
  189. A bunch of play in the Floyd studs?
  190. cover up volume knob hole
  191. Keep the Jackson locking nut when changing to an OFR?
  192. Are Charvel (Desolation) and Jackson truss rod covers the same size?
  193. Replacement Trem Arms
  194. Help Polishing Nitrocellulose without Swirl Marks
  195. Jackson JT580LP locking nut pads
  196. My $3 amp footswitch lol
  197. Chrome pick up covers
  198. Tuning peg washer stuck to headstock's face...
  199. Locking nut question
  200. WTH? JT580LP Nut Question
  201. Warrior Strap Buttons & Strap
  202. Source for longer Kahler saddle riser screws
  203. art x-11 question
  204. pickups active or passive?
  205. Fender three guitar stand
  206. Anyone make a homemade tiger stripe paint job?
  207. Headstock Refinish: Clear over Vinyl instead of Paint?
  208. Corrosion on frets - is it something bad?
  209. Removing plastic dot inlay problem
  210. Non-recessed LoPro?
  211. Volume and tone pots in an '85 Soloist?
  212. Question - Rosewood fretboard lifting off neck :(
  213. Do they make side inlays that
  214. Setups!!!
  215. Super glue stains on the finish.
  216. Trem cover for 1999 SL1
  217. The smell of WD-40 drives me insane, is there any other way to de-rust a bridge?
  218. stronger wallhanger?
  219. Re Paint Soloist
  220. Floyd Upgrades
  221. Replacing Dinky concept bridge pickup with Duncan Invader
  222. Best place to find OFR trem posts
  223. Experiences with the Sustainiac Model C Unit?
  224. Need string clamp screws for a dk2m...
  225. body blank source?? (for a death angel copy)
  226. Neck relief issues...
  227. Rear Cover plates on Stealth Pro
  228. Old Gotoh tuners and changing heads.
  229. How much is a refret typically? (kv2)
  230. JE1200 Mid Boost questions
  231. Fender Jackson high e string problem.
  232. Different way to block a floyd!
  233. OFR post question, and spring question. HELP
  234. Vai Swirll meets EVH paintjob Idea???
  235. Simple and quick way to deaden Floyd spring reverb
  236. Will a MIG schaller floyd retro fit a JT580lp
  237. Musikraft Dinky Body - Pickup Suggestions
  238. First Charvel here, want to swap out the bridge humbucker. can anyone advice me?
  239. What size Brass Big Block for 2011 Charvel San Dimas ?
  240. CS mods?
  241. Charvel Pro-Mod Neck in a DR-5 body?
  242. DKMG 3 way selector switch (blade)
  243. painting over binding & adding wood to HS
  244. HSH pickup wiring questions
  245. Can I assume that the recent batch of USA and MIJ So Cal's are interchangeable?
  246. Charvel USA San Dimas - Floyd springs hitting bottom of route?
  247. Seymour Duncan Recommendations for a 86 Soloist
  248. Where can I get the RR5 string plate and control plate?
  249. Packing guitar for shipping
  250. EMG 1A pickups