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  1. Set Necks & Floyds are a Bad Mix?
  2. Which nut (R?) do I need for a 2005 Pointy reissue
  3. How do you guys orient your springs on the trem cavity?...
  4. Fixing Stripped Screw Hole
  5. F R bridge for Charvette
  6. Who sells a direct replacement for PC1 battery compartments?
  7. Kahler Tools / Wrench sizes
  8. the Pot on my soloist Pro Active Mid boost is toast
  9. Fusion Pro wiring
  10. Adjusting Pickup height on a Dinky DK2 HSS configuration (Seymour Duncan)
  11. Adjusting Pickup height on a Dinky DK2 HSS configuration (Seymour Duncan)
  12. Apparently I'll never decide.. Pickups, again..
  13. 3 way blade switch diagram
  14. Pickups for a dean vendetta
  15. Does it matter which side of the cable is disconnected first?
  16. Lets talk shielding!
  17. GFS dream 180 pick ups
  18. Questions about repainting a neck-thru guitar...
  19. Looking for wiring scheme or wiring photos of Charvette 250
  20. Floyd Rose Comparison
  21. EMG 81 & 89 wiring HELP needed!
  22. Which POTS for my Jackson Dinky Pro?
  23. Metal dome case feet thingies
  24. do they still manufacture the floyd rose pro?
  25. Pickup wires, Where can I find
  26. removing play from a floyd rose bar?
  27. I love the smell of Birchwood Casey in the morning
  28. JT6 bar conversion not going well
  29. Electric Guitar Cavity Shielding Problems - (Faraday's Cage)
  30. Fretting a fretless?
  31. Need Help From Setup GURU's....Fret Buzz All Over The Place
  32. Swapping Kahler 2500 with Floyd Rose Original
  33. direct replacement tuning keys for USA jackson
  34. J200 without JE-1200. New pot values?
  35. Why does one of my PC1's have it's harmonic switch wired backwards?
  36. New Socal issue
  37. Three Way Switch cuts out
  38. Re-fretting from Jumbo to Small Fret Wire
  39. How to check fretboard/neck straightness?
  40. Top Mount or Neck Thru Floyd nut
  41. Need a wiring diagram for 86 SD soloist with 3 on/off switches
  42. Anyone replaced a USA logo??
  43. installing dimarzio in Ibanez RG HELP!
  44. Floyded neck with string thru body??
  45. gfs crunchy rails bridge pickup in jackson dk2m video :)
  46. Black Kahler 3300 available?
  47. Heel Width
  48. What are the wires for underneath the pickups?
  49. Ground wires from pickup cavities in KE3?
  50. 1996 DR3 JT580 LP to Original Floyd Rose block and nut size question
  51. Removing satin/matte finish?
  52. Coil tapping a pro mod, how easy?
  53. Advice on Jt-590
  54. SLSMG Passive -> Active: Input jack?
  55. D-Tuna advice needed badly
  56. Nut help
  57. Planet Waves auto-trim tuners mini-review.
  58. How much fret can you take off before refretting?
  59. USA Bolt Neck?
  60. Repainting and PC1'izing an SL-1
  61. Rhoads pro restoration - uk advice
  62. Opinions on the Dimarzio Super 3?
  63. Old school OFR screw-in arm coupler
  64. Model 4 nut replacement
  65. Tremolo Collar question
  66. Pickup recommendations?
  67. Need help finding a Gold locking nut for Jackson DK2
  68. Gotoh floyd
  69. Jt-6
  70. OFR tuning stability
  71. OFR inserts into Japanese Jacksons
  72. Jacksonstein Project question
  73. Clayton custom picks!
  74. 22 Fret Neck on Body Made for 24?
  75. Alternative to Beyerdynamic DT100 headphones?
  76. Does guitar wall hangers damages guitar necks?
  77. Onboard PU booster
  78. Wiring Q - Audio or linear taper pots?
  79. Trying to copy Metallica's "clean" distortion
  80. Anybody tried the Earvana Compensated Floyd Nut?
  81. 38k Pots in a Fusion pro?
  82. Setting up guitar
  83. Problem with my dk2m
  84. Interesting pickup design.
  85. Stripped R3 Nut
  86. Bareknuckles in a SL2H
  87. Headsup on the Floyd Rose Special
  88. J50BC is a J50BC is a J50BC?
  89. new schaller floyd rose
  90. speedloader strings
  91. Floyd change
  92. Headstock Tip Chip Fix
  93. Can plywood ever sound good?
  94. MOP Inlays?
  95. A stupid and embarrassing question... Inlays...
  96. Tru Oil to restore maple fingerboard?
  97. First attempt at fretwork.
  98. Trem block screw spacing
  99. Hack-modded for a reason...
  100. Jackson Neck/ Squire Body
  101. Help! Need a wiring diagram for 86 Model 6 w/3 toggle and active circut.
  102. Best place for refinish?
  103. Real Animal Skin Straps
  104. DK2M-Stock Trem or FR Special.
  105. J 90c with pickup cover?
  106. amp builders/techs
  107. Active electronics messed up.
  108. Book Recommendation
  109. Active electronics messed up.
  110. Wiring and Pots
  111. .047/.022 cap?
  112. Anyone Try to Contact Guitar Parts Resource?
  113. Wiring Ideas - 5 way Super Switch + 2 Mini Switches
  114. 650 XL Trem Swap help
  115. Tremolo myth's or facts?
  116. aging chrome?
  117. Replacement trem arms for Jt-590s?
  118. clear coat a dk2t Dinky
  119. DiMarzio Tone Zone or Norton in mahogany?
  120. Oil tint on raw maple...
  121. Duncan SH-12
  122. Should I loosen the strings before lowering my Floyd Rose?
  123. What's the reason that neck p.u. is usually associated as a lead p.u.?
  124. Model 3a wiring
  125. Correct Pickup Height on Jackson Dinky DK-2 (HSS configuration)
  126. Floyd Rose PRO
  127. just bought a new musikraft neck...need opinions for project
  128. oversized emg pickup install.... Issues for anyone?
  129. SL2H-MAH Pickup Recommendations
  130. j90c In Mahogany Body
  131. Advanced wiring help needed
  132. Where to find a reverse strathead neck?
  133. Micro Mesh & Polishing a guitar
  134. What would you use to paint pickups?
  135. Model 4 Gotoh trem mod question
  136. JC Electronics Manual
  137. Pickup impedance (k) ohms
  138. Licensed Floyd Rose Question
  139. Soloist String slippage?
  140. Moto?
  141. JT580 arm?
  142. King V Parts Question
  143. What are the setup spec's for Jackson
  144. Neck and headstock binding
  145. Truss rod question
  146. Guitars not staying in tune... What to check???
  147. Is the Schaller Floyd Rose the exact same as the JT-590?
  148. Question about finish
  149. Floyd Rose Setup Height...
  150. Question about 2 guitars and the difference in tone
  151. truss rod adjustment
  152. Original.... Official??
  153. School me on the Original Ibanez Edge trem
  154. What type of Floyd did I just buy?
  155. is this a gotoh floyd?
  156. How to install frets on a compund radius fretboard?
  157. Truss Rod Wrench Size
  158. What's the most efficient way to strip a body?
  159. Floyd Rose Revalations
  160. Stupid question perhaps but here goes............
  161. Crack in the neck pocket..Is this common?
  162. How rare is a gold 23xx Kahler?
  163. E-string goes flat
  164. Headstock crack repair
  165. Charvel acoustic repair question. File a Paypal claim or live with it?
  166. New Kahler teflon rollers are fabulous!
  167. Humbucker Height Adjustment Screws
  168. coil tapping a ke3
  169. OFR vs. Gotoh on a SL2H and/or RR1
  170. Floyd Nut size on a USA Charvel pro mod
  171. Nut Replacement
  172. Request: Pics of Homemade Stand for Multiple Guitars
  173. Tolex Repair
  174. Volume knob repair in DK2M
  175. Emg Solderless Kits
  176. Tube placement
  177. Pickup replacement wiring
  178. BKP Aftermath
  179. Piezo
  180. Do I Have To Buy Those Expensive Fingerboard Levelers?
  181. EMG Ohm Impedance
  182. Licenced floyd rose, worth it or not?
  183. Any clean way to remove a logo from a humbucker?
  184. floyd bar
  185. Wiring
  186. Chicken Head knobs for guitars
  187. Is this a J-50BC?
  188. adjusting truss rod AT HEEL...plz Help
  189. How difficult is it to drill trem studs with template
  190. Trying to find replacement neck plate screws....
  191. Anyone try a Dimarzio Super Distortion or Super 3 in a basswood body?
  192. Lefty Floyd Rose parts question
  193. How to repair a hairline crack below low E tuner?
  194. What do you do to a finished bolt on neck to get rid of that stickyness?
  195. How do you glue a break like this?
  196. Shielded Cavity w/ EMGs...
  197. Copper tape under the floyd saddles?
  198. Pickups for Ash body
  199. SD Alt 8
  200. Why saddles have to be so expensive?
  201. pups for a bright guitar
  202. JT-6 Locking Nut Insert.
  203. Need Help Choosing Replacement Frets For My Dinky.
  204. Can someone help a newb out with his Schaller tremolo?
  205. What do you use to thin out woodworking glue with?
  206. Seymour Duncan pole pieces/blades option
  207. Mixing and matching necks and bodies?
  208. Jackson DK2M - Intonation and truss rod setup
  209. DiMarzio question
  210. Is this an OFR? Maybe a FR II?
  211. Soldering kits
  212. carvin c22 pickups....any input on these guys?
  213. floyd question
  214. Jackson Headstock String Winding Direction
  215. Recording help !!!!!!!!
  216. Alternate tuning questions...... string gauges...... affecting harmonics. ????
  217. Dragonfire-wiring harness?
  218. Help - KV1 LSR issue
  219. PC1 Sustainer help
  220. Neck vs. humidity...Problem???
  221. JT6 to Floyd conversion
  222. Truss Rod Adjustments = Creeking?
  223. Pickup Cavity
  224. Fretboard dye
  225. jackson j-80c piackup
  226. Rig wiring question
  227. Converting Combo to Head?
  228. Early edition koa PC1 on ebay!
  229. model 6 fretting or dressing
  230. Pots, pickups, etc.. big differences..
  231. With or without JE-1500
  232. Good Quality Empty 2x12 Cabs?
  233. Out put of gibby pick ups Q
  234. Is every brand the same push/pull pot?
  235. floydrose.com back up and running
  236. J590 Floyd question
  237. Truss Rod Wheel mod?
  238. Can anyone recommend a good luthier in the Chicago Area
  239. Model 6 fretboard delamination
  240. What grade of sandpaper do I need?
  241. Slappin' EMG 81&85 on a Dinky DXMG
  242. Re-tolex-ing
  243. The ever frowned upon neck diving guitar
  244. Dimarzio issue.
  245. F-spaced Pick-ups on a string through body
  246. EMG quick connect....but no cable....hmmmmm
  247. guitar scale
  248. Emg q
  249. Fourth Position Strat Tome
  250. Anybody got a DXF file for a pointy headstock?