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    Default Ande Flavelle's Sound Connection Course?

    Does anyone here remember Ande Flavelle's Sound Connection guitar courses from the 80's? He used to have adds in many guitar magazines. I had a few of his books back in the 1980's. I was wondering if anyone here knows if he is still around and still offering his guitar courses.


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    I have one of those books somewhere. I think it has a red cover. The only reason I have it or even know who he is, is because he was supposed to come and teach at the place I used to go for lessons. The owner was really excited about it and got some of his books to sell but I guess the deal fell apart.

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    I've got that lesson set down in my basement somewhere, four books and a bunch of cassettes. I should dig it out and start going through it again.
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    I didn't think that anyone would know of anything going on with Ande's guitar series. I haven't been able find anything online. Too bad because I remember the two or three books that I used to have being very good.


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