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    Default Acoustic guitar CAPOS - Shubb VS Kyser VS others?

    I want to get a capo for my roommate's birthday coming up in less than two weeks. I've owned 12-string and 6-string Shubb acoustic guitar capos but never any from Kyser. I've also owned a Dunlop wrap-around one but nowhere does it match the quality of the Shubbs I've come to depend on. However, Kyser tends to be less expensive than Shubb, and are quick release like a clothespin.

    Any opinion on the Kyser quick release capos?

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    I've got a Kyser quick change for my acoustic. Does the job. No complaints. I keep it clamped on my headstock so it's always close by if I want to capo up
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    Oh yeah, that's another huge advantage of the Kysers... the ability to clamp to the headstock when not in use. This would greatly benefit my roommate who misplaces things.

    Remember that theory that more headstock mass equalled more tone and/or sustain? Slap a bunch of those Kysers on the headstock... yessssssssss...

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    yup, I have a Kyser and it works fine.
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    ......another one for Kyser. Quick on/quick off..........
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    Kyser. They make one for a 12 string also. Nice units!

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    Someone gave me a G7th capo - it's the best I've ever used. I use it all the time. I've got a Kyser, Glider, and a Planet Waves NS (Steinberger designed) - the G7th is better than any of them. The NS is actually my next favorite.

    Generally speaking all the higher end capos are easy enough to use (although the G7th is the easiest). For me it comes down to which uses the appropriate tension. The heavy spring based ones tend to have the most tuning problems - they simply push down to hard. The G7th never gets me out of tune like all of the others do. The NS is second best in that regard although the Kyser is easier on/off.

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    Oh, just to be clear, the Glider it terrible.

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    I looked into the G7th capos and they seemed interesting. So I walked off to the music store down the street and picked up one of their Nashville capos. They didn't have any of their more expensive Performance ones but the Nashville is similar in concept to the Kysers (clothespin design). Tried it on both my own Taylor and my roommate's Norman acoustics and it works fine. Seems well made. The spring is a little stiff for my personal liking and it was a little tricky for me to operate since I'm used to my Shubb, but the roomie will be overjoyed to finally own a capo.

    Thanks for all your input!

    Hippietim, which G7th do you have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Number Of The Priest View Post
    Hippietim, which G7th do you have?
    The silver one I have no idea which model it is. A friend gave it to me.

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    Ah, mine is a Performance version - they make several version of that so I thought you were asking specifically which one (I don't know). I've never seen that Nashville Capo before.


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