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    Default Best Eric Johnson songs are...???

    I'm trying to put together a collection of the best Eric Johnson songs and unfortunately I don't know the titles to his biggest hits besides Cliffs of Dover, SRV, etc. I have the "Bloom" cd and his Austin DVD, but I can't find one song in particular that I know is popular. Any thoughts?

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    EJ doesn't really have "hits". Cliffs of Dover was the closest thing to one, IMO. As far as most popular songs on each album, "Zap" was probably the one for his "Tones" release, and Cliffs of Dover for Ah Via Musicom. Venus Isle didn't really have one standout, but SRV, Manhattan, and Venus Isle all received some radio play. Bloom is just an overall disappointment and I don't think any song on that album really comes close to the hit category.

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    There are soo many great Johnson tunes. But it sounds like your trying to make a sampler of his more "known" songs am I right?

    Well I would say those are "zap, cliffs of dover, trademark,east wes" . Personally I love High Landrons and Trail of tears ( which is amazing on the Austin dvd).

    Also soulful terrain, desert song, and bristol shore are great IMO too.

    While there are great tunes on his Venus Isle Cd and Bloom, but they are probably hardly even known by the average person.

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    My favorites are Desert Rose and East Wes from Ah Via Musicom

    Bristol Shore and ZAP from Tones

    My suggestions are to get Ah Via Musicom and TONES, and decide from there.

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    I rather enjoy "Bloom". Theres a good amount of versatility to me. Sure its not as groundbreaking as past cd's and he's not really getting any attention or radio play. Ofcourse Eric always has some sappy lyrics here and there.
    but I'll take it over Linkin Park.:ROTF:

    But " Alien Love Child" that was the cd that didnt really do it for me

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    Yeah, I've heard those songs but there's one in particular I'm looking for and I don't know the name of it. I seen him live in Austin with Joe Satriani a few months ago and when he played this one particular song everyone went nuts. I've been all over iTunes and Amazon trying to find it but I'm not having any luck.

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    I think I found it!!!!!!!! "Trademark" I was re-checking Amazon's sound clips and came across it. iTunes doesn't have the entire album, that's why I couldn't find it there. Thanks Mikernaut.
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    Trademark is a great song- also like, in addition to the songs already listed, Emerald Eyes, Victory, and 40 Mile Town.

    I just bought the Austin City Limits DVD and watched the show for the first time since I saw it on television when it was originally aired. One of the finest displays of guitarmanship I've ever seen, hands-down.

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    Trademark is probably my favorite EJ tune. I also really love The Boogie King, of course Cliffs of Dover, Zap, etc. Tones and Ah Via Musicom are must haves...and I also really like the Alien Love Child CD.



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