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    Default Celestion G12M-70 speakers.

    I have 2 old Carvin V412-C cabinets with Celestion G12M-70 speakers in them:

    The only information that I could find on celestion's website is that they are discontinued.

    Does anyone have any information/experience with these speakers?

    The sticker reads:

    "Celestion G12M-70, Impedence - 16, Celestion International LTD, Foxhall Road, Ipswitch Suffolk England"

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    This is Celestions own guidelines to their speaker models. Not much good info in it, but yours would be under the category "60's rock":

    As to what each is best for, here's a rough guide:
    Blues - G12M for warm and laid back sweet and smoky, Vintage 30 for more aggressive, modern blues
    60's rock - G12M, V12-80, Vintage 30
    70's rock - V12-80, Vintage 30
    80's rock - G12T-75, Classic Lead 80, Vintage 30
    90's high gain shred - Classic Lead 80, Vintage 30
    Warm, rounded jazz - V12-80
    Clean - G12T-75, Classic Lead
    Metal - G12T-75, Vintage 30, Classic Lead, V12-80
    Industrial / death metal etc - G12T-75
    Good all rounders - G12T-75, V12-80, Classic Lead, Vintage 30.

    I hope this gives you some ideas, but remember that the best sounds often come from those who use things differently to conventional wisdom, creating new sounds and styles. Our website has further guidelines on cabinet design.
    Best regards,
    The Doctor

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    I like how they recommend the V30 for almost everything!

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    Everyone seems to like the Greenbacks, the V30 or the G12-65.

    Most folks are 70 and 75 haters.

    80s have a few more fans. Seems like Bill Z Bub or Cleveland Metal liked them.

    I have to admit My G12M70s seem to be a little harsh sounding to me right now, but they seemed fine when I has just "jamming" in the Garage/Living room with a bassist, guitar player, and drummer. I'd like to try the 65s - supposed to be like greenbacks with more power handling.

    I am using JCM800 or Non-Master Volume amps.

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    I have a set of the 70 watt Celestions in my Laney cabinet, I think they sound pretty good and it is a very "metal" sounding cabinet-real tight lows, good amount of highs without being brittle and kind of less mids. Cool speakers.

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    I am not a G12T75 hater by no meens and don`t know many guys that hate them. In fact most old school metal guys love them, in fact alot liie them better than the V30`s. Jack.

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    I see a lot of 70-75 haters on the plexi forum. Personally, I think any speaker can sound like ass in a given setup. All I own is 70s, so I wouldn't say I hate them at all either.

    It may be the open back combo that loses some of the low end for me? I recently solt my closed back cabinet.

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    just found this page:

    They refer to the G12M- 70 as "MODERN LEAD 70W (available in 16 Ohm) Greatest when pumping out hard rock or metal, this modern lead speaker is the standard replacement in all 4x12 Marshall amplifiers."
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    Quote Originally Posted by 442w30
    It may be the open back combo that loses some of the low end for me?
    Yes it is. A closed, well proper designed cabinet will definitely go lower.
    A feature with a small baffle, open back system is that low frequencies will go out the back and find its way to the front, hitting the front of the speaker, often with signals in reverse phase and "nulls" out the movement of the speaker. Thuss less low frequency output.

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    G12M-70 aren't bad for a clean tone, but are pretty horrible sounding for a distorted tone. No low end, too many mids and lots of highs.
    I personally like G12-80's


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