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    Default Jackson pickups = Charvel pickups?

    I've seen a few Charvel guitars with black covered Charvel pickups. I've also seen them with black covered Jackson pickups. On ebay, this guitar body has Charvel pickups...but the description says that the humbucker says its a Jackson pickup on the back. So are those singles J-200?

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    Default Re: Jackson pickups = Charvel pickups?

    no one knows about this? [img]/images/graemlins/scratchhead.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Jackson pickups = Charvel pickups?

    No. Charvel pickups only came on Charvettes, and are made rather cheaply... they are imports. I'm not sure where they were made, but they're generally pretty crappy.

    Jackson marked pickups are made in America. Some of them sound really great.

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    Default Re: Jackson pickups = Charvel pickups?

    Some of the Charvel CX series had the Charvel-branded pickups.

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    Default Re: Jackson pickups = Charvel pickups?

    In later years there were Jackson labelled pickups that were not made in USA. For instance the pups that came in the Performer series and Euro-X series. These sounded really crappy. And now (I believe) we can also add the CVR-2 pickups in the JS series to this list.


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