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    Found these 2 amps over the weekend in a storage barn for $30. They are an old Peavey Backstage practice amp and a Vintage Crate CR-110 practice amp. While the Peavey works perfect the Crate amp is unplayable because of the knob controls are dirty. So much static, cracking and popping with a turn of each. Anybody own a Crate like this or before. What do ya think about them.
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    The older Crates like these are pretty good little amps The Peavey backstage amps are great sounding too.
    I had a Backstage + for a long time and never had any problems with it.
    I know where a cache of older Crate amps are still in the boxes The ones with the all wood cabs.Those are worth a nice chunk of change ATM.
    Dr L just pull the chassis out from the cab and spray some contact cleaner into the offending pots from the back of course and work the knobs back and forth and they should work just fine.
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