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    Default Acoustic stuffing in sealed cabinets?

    Has anyone heard of any benefit to stuffing sealed cabitnets with insulation or other stuffing?

    I had to open my 1960bx to tighten a loose input jack, and was surprised at how seemingly skimpy the stock speaker wiring is. I'm sure it's fine, as it has been for years, but I decided to replace it with heavier gauge wire and solder the connections since I had the back off.

    Then I came across this:

    IIRC I once had a Marshall cabinet that had fiberglass insulation inside it. So I wondered if that was stock or an afterthought someone installed? Anyone with any thoughts or opinions on that?

    I'm happy with the cabinet as it is, and have no plans of stuffing it with anything. Just seemed like an interesting idea.

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    I experimented with my Avatar 1X12 Wide and decided I like it better without the stuffing.
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    I remember replacing the similarly thin speaker wire in my Marshall 1x12 for the same reason...also replaced the damn jack which kept loosening.

    There's a bunch of theory about placing foam or otherwise type of sound deadener in half of the area inside of the cab. Something about allowing the sound to travel more before being absorbed. Don't know if it works, never tried it.
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