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    Default how to get endorsements?

    how does somebody go about getting an endorsement? And what exactly do you get by being endorsed by jackson? Free guitars or something?

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    Default Re: how to get endorsements?

    Get in a band, record an album, sell 20 million copies and you'll become an endorser... [img]graemlins/images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: how to get endorsements?

    I don't know how Jackson went about endorsements in the past, but it will no doubt change now that Fender owns them. The first thing they look for is a player who gets alot of attention. The way they look at it is his endorsement = advertising be it in video's, posters, or concerts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by texasfury
    The irony is if you're successful enough to get endorsed, you are successful enough to not need to be endorsed.

    Most of the endorsees aren't making enough off of music to live. Also the endorsement helps with other things besides just free/discounted gear.

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    Try and find an artist relations contact on the website and send a press kit. Usually its nothing fancy really, and sometimes it can be easier to get endorsed than you might think.

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    You don't need to be signed, but it helps. You need to be in an active band that plays shows regularly and has a really solid draw, and if your band always gets that hometown opening gig for the touring scene, that helps a lot too.

    Endorsement means different things to different levels of bands. At worst, you may be able to buy a custom shop or production model at manufacturer cost once or twice a year, or perhaps more than that. If you're signed, you still only might get guitars at cost. IF you're signed, touring and really popular (like an Ozzfest type supporting band), you might get a free guitar or two, and if you're really famous (national headliner tours) you might get a few more and some advertising. The next step up would be getting a signature guitar... lol. Good luck on that one.
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    A signature guitar ... I wish.
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