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    Default replacement speakers for GK250ML

    Anyone know where I can get a couple speakers for my Gallien Krueger 250ML amp? Gallien Krueger is out of stock and I can't find any at any other place. I've heard that Emience makes replacements but I can't find them.

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    Hey man,

    The surrounds on my 250 went and I just re-foamed it. It was very easy once the speakers were out. Getting the speakers out is another matter, LOL.

    As long as you are sure the coils are ok (which they probably are), this will do the trick:

    Let me know if you have questions.

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    Thanks but I found a set of speakers. My local GK dealer was able to order me some. I appreciate the help though.

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    Great! I think Pyle makes a replacement that works fine for future reference.

    If you need tips on getting the speakers out let me know. You have to dis-assemble pretty much the entire amp to get them out.


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