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Avenging an Avenger

This blog is dedicated to a project to rebuild a 1991 Charvel Avenger.
It is in tough shape currently. Everything is original.
I will take it apart, fix it, clean it, and paint it this summer. This blog will document my progress and results.
This is my first project guitar.
There will be many questions and problems along the way.
Advice and suggestions welcome.

I am planning to replace the stock pick ups with new pick ups. The decision on which replacement pick ups to use will come later.

I will also rejuvenate the bridge, and make all the parts functional again.
The neck is in good shape and will be cleaned and reused.

  1. Bridgework

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    Here is the bridge from the Avenger. It is a JT-580 Takeuchi.
    It is a full double locking bridge, stamped Charvel, that was used on some Charvette guitars from the same time.
    Most Avenger guitars have the single locking JT-570 bridge.
    The bridge is similar to the JT-580 used on some Jackson guitars, but made in Japan. Everything is original and seems to work well. I will make sure all the parts work correctly and put it back together. ...

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  2. Glossed Over

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Name:	027 dried gloss front.jpg 
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    Here is the Avenger, mostly untaped, after getting the gloss coat.

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    This is a pic of the untaped, unpainted neck pocket area.

    Next step is to put the neck back on and start to put the whole thing back together.
    I will also clean up the neck and bridge, and get the all the parts working and moving again.