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  1. Another Twitty Blog

    Tooth is fine.

    Dear Diary: I am nearly complete in my personal goal of getting everyone under my wing
    trained for overhead bridge crane and forklifts.
    The guys report they learn something, and no one falls asleep in class
    so I'll take that.
    Some even say "Great class"!
    Us Safety guys get together and try to come up with some funnies to make people pay attention.

    The drunk forklift driver destroying the Russian liquor warehouse is ...
  2. SG stuff

    The BLOG says "1".


    The above iconoclasticon is an inside joke involving SEEGERMANY.

    We bitch slap each other like Rsmacker and Wilsinki.
    Also an inside joke, but not sure if either one of us really gets it.
    More for the entertainment of the fans.
    Kind of like WWE.

  3. Super Slo-Mo Saturn V Launch!

    This is badass! HD at 500 FPS. Great narration, too.

  4. I've always wanted...

    To type a lot of words that no one will read.

    Maybe I will put some stuff here about guitars or something. Who knows?!?
  5. Wow..I have a blog.

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