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  1. Thanks...

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    Thanks to my friend amimbari for posting the pics of my three USA NT's. He said this was the place to be for us Jackson bass guys so here I am. I was unable to post anything for days ..I just got the "permission" from whomever is in charge today...So Hello to all !!
  2. Model 3A - Resto-Mod - Part II

    While I was trying to figure out what I would do with the 3A, I tore it down with the intent to clean it and figure out what would stay and what would go. The inventory of what I had:

    Neck - needed a level and crown and had a chip in the headstock. The original truss rod cover had been lost and replaced with what looked like a cut down Epiphone TRC. The fretboard cleaned up with a rag and some bore oil. Looked OK - worn, sure - but I like that in a nice rosewood board.
  3. Charvel Model 3A - Resto-Mod!

    I posted some in progress shots before, and then some finished shots, but I figured I might try this blog thing and post the whole thing again.

    I got this for a song during the end of the summer of 2010 - up in Kingston, NY. $200 with a crummy chainsaw case. I figured it would be worth it just for the Floyd.

    So this started off as a Charvel Model 3A, black with a Floyd Rose replacing the stock trem and a J-50N in the neck instead of the stock J-80NC. It had been ...
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  4. Amps...Conversions

    Too many to mention going on.
    My account is full, I have more amps, tubes, and parts than I know what to do with.
    The Cyg-7 (AKA SEL...) has sold well, but I get bored and too many want a higher watt version.

    So I am making a cathode biased 30 watt version.
    Amongst others, most are organ amps.
    Some are fine as is, just a few mods and build a cabinet or combo.
    Others are strippers, to be rebuilt into worthy beasts.
  5. Guitar Center Sucks

    Just thought I would let off some steam after visiting GC today. You cannot get a fair deal out of them. They want you to just give them your gear and not budge on any of their prices. They sure have changed, not for the better.
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