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  1. Jackson Dinky Made in India?

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    Can anyone tell me exactly what model this is? Seems way too upmarket compared to a standard MII Dinky.
  2. 95 charvel custom shop? ???

    Was wondering if I could get some help I'm trying to find some info on this guitar. Did they make a 95 charvel san dimas with the strat style head stock
    Thanks Tim
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  3. Insert saddles blocks for Jackson King V, crafted in India

    Hello Everybody,
    does anybody can help me where to buy insert saddle block for Jackson King V, about 10 years old, imported from India? I can not find it anywhere. The tremolo is not original Floyd Rose but it is "licensed under Floyd Rose Pats." I wrote for help to them as well as to Jackson and three more stores they recomended, but no one have it.

    This is what I need:
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  4. Can Anybody Help?

    I could use some help decoding the serial number on my Jackson KB1 Kelly Bass. I've had it since 1996, and I wouldn't trade it for the world!!! SN: 9422215

  5. Just Checking - IF THIS IS AN ALL ORIGINAL JACKSON - SERIAL # 650013569

    I was just wondering because the bolt in cover is just plain black metal - NOT THE USUAL "JACKSON (with Serial#)" engraved.

    Pic below
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