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  1. Guitar Express Bullseye/ Bigger?
  2. zen ii
  3. New Custom Arrives - Is it 1986 All Over Again? (Sort Of...)
  4. Purple Bengal Tiger stripes
  5. What does the Demartini Say in Japanese?
  6. NGD - Pagan Gold SoCal
  7. 3rd Batch Slime Green....
  8. EVH Charvels (Art Series)
  9. Production series hardware - floyd rose?
  10. Schaller M6's on Production Model?
  11. Question regarding ser# and year
  12. What are used SD Reissues w/V Trems going for nowadays?
  13. Purple Tele
  14. What can I buy a Demartini For?
  15. Weapons of Mass Destruction
  16. Pre-Pro questions
  17. NGD: Slime Green
  18. UK Shops for san dimas custom?
  19. Stupid Qs? Did Charvel make USA's with pointy headstocks and ? about Charvel tele
  20. Q for McD
  21. 2 New USA Charvel's...and my career so far
  22. Good price on San Dimas pointy
  23. zen iii HELL YEAH !!!!!
  24. Guitar World looks at the Charvel USA Production Models
  25. 6629 Showed up today, broken :(
  26. Charvel Bullseye Video
  27. Pagan Gold Round 2
  28. Calling my Canadian friends... SoCal & SanDimas1 or 2.
  29. Charvel USA Production - Why is truss rod nut at the heel?
  30. Neck Care
  31. DeMartini Crossed Swords - Hardware question
  32. Restoration project
  33. Charvel USA Production colours?
  34. What corners were cut on the production models
  35. 2nd qtr 09 Colors - let's speculate
  36. Outside Pron - Production models
  37. Red, white and blue
  38. Is this a USA CHARVEL?
  39. socal
  40. The J90C in this is a little bright, any recomendations for a new pickup?
  41. Question about pickups in mid-1990s San Dimas 1
  42. I'm a new Pagen Gold So-Cal owner!
  43. What do you guys think?
  44. Charvel played through JVM
  45. Various flame styles
  46. production series floyd questions
  47. Mike Shannon Charvel Explorer
  48. Another Happy Slime Green San Dimas Style 1 Owner!
  49. NGD! Camoflage Charvel Mutt
  50. Hi I am newbie here
  51. NGD - Charvel So-Cal
  52. Charvel with Bogner Fish on Youtube.
  53. Floyd Rose replacement for SOCAL
  54. What Strings?
  55. 4th Batch
  56. Newbie and first time Charvel owner
  57. First mod for the SoCal:
  58. 4th Batch - What Do You Think the "Twist" Is?
  59. Scored a So Cal
  60. Neck pocket dimesions on a production?
  61. SD 1 electronics query
  62. Fender sticker on headstock
  63. Charvel influences from the '80s
  64. Rank ALL Color Options for Production Models
  65. new charvel 4th batch
  66. Anyone played a Legacy III with a Floyd?
  67. Greenie and Goldie
  68. Just got my first brand new usa strat head
  69. So it's official then....
  70. New Charvel vid - Suicidal Tendencies
  71. My Eventide Pitchfactor demo (w/Charvel So-Cal)
  72. Production models limited?
  73. Charvel SD pointy - DeGarmo style
  74. Floating or non-floating Floyd
  75. Building a Van Halen Clone
  76. Charvel pic-TMZ and So-Cal
  77. Is Budman doing SoCal pickguards yet?
  78. SD Pickup swap?
  79. Tele headstock?
  80. 4th batch Charvels - In the flesh (pics)
  81. rewiring production models
  82. Problem with Floyd on So-Cal
  83. I had to buy the white one!!!!!
  84. NGD: White S1 and Purple SoCal!!!!!!
  85. Charvel So-Cal
  86. USA Production Series Appreciation Thread
  87. Charvel Kids
  88. Need advice for SD I Koa Reissue
  89. New charvels on demand (Guitar world)
  90. Interesting
  91. Kramer Crusader vs Charvel So Cal
  92. Screw Hole
  93. Mike Shannon Heavy Relic 1H
  94. Charvel Project
  95. Stolen So-Cal
  96. Truss rod on new production models
  97. Incomming!!!!!!!
  98. Anyone try the graphtech floyd as a replacement?
  99. White Production Charvel
  100. Ngd!!
  101. Live rig!!
  102. So-Cal, not enough pull-back on Floyd
  103. 2008 San Dimas Wiring
  104. The Charvel Star
  105. Question for those with Warmoth pickguards on their SoCals
  106. I played beachjammer's Pagan Gold So Cal - GAS!!!
  107. Trembucker/F-Space vs. Standard Width...
  108. Demartini Frenchie Production
  109. Plum Crazy
  110. My new "old" Charvel - relic Strat Head
  111. Sustainer In A So-Cal?
  112. Are these stock So Cal pickups? See photo...
  113. Pics of the San Dimas style 2
  114. Jersey Deth Star
  115. Getting a new Charvel San Dimas but questions....
  116. Polar White San Dimas - what to do?
  117. Warren Demartini Signature model
  118. Replaced pickguard on my tangerine So Cal
  119. My Warmoth SoCal pickguard experience
  120. Anyone own a Charvel & a Carvin Bolt?
  121. Appreciating my Pro Mod San Dimas a little more with German Parts!
  122. Black and white EVH or Crossed Swords DeMartini?
  123. Neck Profile on Charvel San Dimas Production Models?
  124. Might Be A Dumb Question...
  125. the "it's not a jake" charvel...is now almost a jake!
  126. pick guard for your socal
  127. Plum Crazy SoCal v2.0: Modified
  128. Ngd!!!
  129. Post your Charvel USA Standard Stars!
  130. San Dimas Natural / Custom Shop
  131. State of the Modded Charvels address
  132. How good are custom shops?
  133. Old School Vibe for the New School
  134. Summer NAMM Rumors
  135. NGD: My First Charvel
  136. Steps neck in San DImas?
  137. Just lost my Charvel virginity!
  138. Candy Blue 2005 Charvel San Dimas
  139. Ready for battle!
  140. Sounds in the Charvel San Dimas Style 1 2H?
  141. Opinion needed: Charvel Jackson Custom Legacy Series Star Gold Bolt
  142. New Old Pickguard Day. Night. Morning? Whatever.
  143. Could this be made by the Custom Shop?
  144. NGD: Polar White
  145. Anyone coil tap the SoCal Dimarzio's - How'd they sound
  146. its time to start speculating again
  147. Charvel USA Productions Models made by who? Click for the answer!
  148. Differences between two Charvel ?
  149. A line in the picture, what could it be?
  150. Strathead for 350?
  151. Production Models tremolo mounting question... sigh...
  152. Who has a USA pro tele?
  153. Back in the Saddle again...
  154. A guy ripping it up on a Pro Mod Style 1
  155. Socal Evo orientation?
  156. GAS - SoCal pagan Gold
  157. Charvel date of manufacture?
  158. Out of curiosity...
  159. Why Can't Charvel make a Production Left Hand?
  160. 5th batch cool
  161. How are these selling?
  162. NGD- Kind of
  163. Questions about the reissue Charvels
  164. 5th batch pics
  165. Have a drink on me
  166. My new Charvel, photos
  167. Backplate Won't Come Off
  168. New San Dimas! Pics In Thread.
  169. Who has the best prices...
  170. San Dimas Trem Question
  171. Slime Green vs Dweezil Green....
  172. San Dimas Floyd
  173. NGD... sort of
  174. Production-model neck pocket size
  175. Batch 5
  176. Charvel Allan Holdsworth Wiring Question
  177. My New Grover Jackson Legacy, Happy 4th
  178. Be honest.
  179. Truss Rod
  180. Found #6069 USA Charvel Snake skin
  181. My Second Charvel
  182. This is well, different.....LOOK!
  183. Another addition to the stable
  184. Usa prodution questions
  185. So how do those Pro Mod gig bags hold up for shipping?
  186. New Charvel Stuff
  187. question about the batch colors
  188. So, Tell me if...
  189. Just read that one of my fav solo's was played on a charvel!
  190. One humbucker,V trem USA production model?
  191. Replacement Body for San Dimas?
  192. What sounds can you get out of your USA Pro?
  193. Charvel on vacation
  194. Hard case for "new" Charvels?
  195. Eddie VH paint job
  196. NGD - San Dimas Type 1 - Taxi Cab Yellow
  197. New Score
  198. So-Cal (Floyd Rose) setup
  199. Replacement neck
  200. neck comparison?
  201. New guy, Green So-cal in video use.
  202. NGD Copperhead/Promod Mutt
  203. Thought I'd re-join the fold...
  204. Pickguards for Socal?
  205. Hello What Model Is This
  206. San Dimas Neck Addiction
  207. Cleaning the San Dimas fretboard?
  208. What will replace the San Dimas style 2?
  209. Wait Time?
  210. Vintage Boogie Bodies . San Dimas Charvel . Schecter. Mighty Mite guitar photos
  211. Replacement for SD2
  212. Charvel, Jackson? any info appreciated
  213. charvel so cal on the way!
  214. Charvel vs suhr
  215. Is this guitar a legit early 80s strat-head?
  216. Saw something cool today
  217. I ordered this today...and I gonna like it?
  218. tuner instillation problem
  219. NGD - My So Cal, Bought on My Trip to So Cal!
  220. how many batches?
  221. Ngd so cal
  222. 6th Batch speculation thread
  223. Where's the 6th batch teaser video? It's very late!
  224. charvel/jackson custom strat
  225. Be careful changing straplocks on USA Production Models!!!
  226. big mouth assholes
  227. Cool youtube vid
  228. My First Charvel
  229. 6th Batch Custom Colors
  230. White SoCal
  231. Brad Paisley playing a custom Charvel Tele
  232. NGD, what can you tell me about this Charvel!
  233. SD1 knob problem
  234. Are we ever going to get rosewood boards?
  235. USA Production Star!
  236. MightyMite necks?
  237. Have you seen this axe?
  238. Charvel cost
  239. Control layout
  240. Charvel at Tokyo Guitar Show
  241. Charvel Family Reunion: Group Photos
  242. Neck pocket on new USA models...
  243. Is this a good deal?
  244. Counterfeit Charvel San Dimas on eBay?
  245. Neck Oiling?
  246. My Project is complete
  247. Charvel San Dimas Production
  248. Charvel Hot Rodding 101 (Mike Learn content)
  249. Charvel Star - Neck Pocket
  250. New guitars day